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    Veritas Futures Trading is a website that offers a trade room, weekly live education and Skype room overnight trades.

    This is in collaboration with Bob Amico’s other website known as Targets Trading Pro (TTP).

    Bob “trades” futures like CL, ES, GC, NG, NQ and YM and his chat room sessions start at 8 am to ~12 pm EST.

    A week’s membership into the Veritas Futures Trading’s chatroom costs $10 (trial). Once this is over, Mr. Bob Amico of Veritas Futures Trading charges $397 for students to keep accessing the trading room experience.

    Other than this monthly fee, there is an annual fee of $3,997 or $4,999 for the mentorship program.

    This is definitely interesting because for a trading educator to charge such hefty fees, they must be proficient in trading and can produce a redacted broker statement at a moment’s notice.

    Is Veritas Futures Trading legit?

    To answer this question, we need to look at what Bob is doing because clearly his website raises a lot of red flags.

    Bob has posted a lot of “testimonials” on his website but you should known that nobody ever posts negative reviews on their own website.

    Those testimonials are therefore not as useful as far as this review is concerned.

    veritas futures trading review

    There’s a notice on the Veritas Futures Trading website that says starting Jan 2020, invitations will come fro Targets Trading Pro and no further trade stats or graphics will be posted on the Veritas Futures Trading website.

    This clearly shows that Bob is not active on his Veritasfuturestrading website since the notice is outdated.

    Also, there are statements everywhere that say Bob is not trading live and all his “results” are hypothetical.

    Graphics are also used to present results.

    I don’t know about you but for me, purchasing mentorship and access to a trading room for thousands of dollars is something I cannot do especially if the trading educator has no track record of live trading performance.

    Therefore, this website is not legit.

    Should you join VeritasFuturestrading?

    It’s pointless joining this trading school.

    The fees are absolutely ridiculous.

    First, Bob is teaching you how to set up charts, how to use profile and range indicator, 1-on-1 private tutoring and so on for thousands of dollars.

    Remember Bob is not a successful trader. He is just selling trading education to make money.

    In conclusion, this is a scam. Bob has also been involved with scams like Global Trade Room, Trading Futures and now Veritas Futures Trading.

    If you want to make money, avoid fake trading gurus. Check out these top recommended trading resources. 

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