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    This company from the UK named UNIVERSAL Investment Company LTD and operating from the domain Universalfunds.co.uk is a scam.


    Universal Funds claims to deliver “premium investment services” since they are supposedly investing in “startups and hottest companies”.

    UniversalFunds review


    Their website has a section that records transactions for the “latest deposits and withdrawals”. This is definitely to fool the financially naïve so they can take their money quickly.


    By the way, they can’t even tell us what method of deposit they accept, hence their FAQ page tells us to contact Universal Funds for instructions.


    This is a red flag.


    What returns does Universalfunds.co.uk offer?


    Universal Funds provides a bunch of fake investment plans. The first Investment plan claims that investors can earn 5.4% returns daily for 45 days.


    The most ridiculous “investment plan” claims investors can make 250% in 2 days.


    Basically, this is a HYIP and a scam for that matter given the impossible to attain income which this website is peddling around.



    If you send these crooks your money, they will either block you or stop replying to your inquiries. Universal Funds is among the many HYIPs that are registered in the UK to scam individuals.


    You should avoid this petty thief at all cost.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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