Mose Henry: Bitcoin MLM Scam Artist?

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    TEFX Team

    This guy, Mose Hendry, is advertising on Facebook, claiming that his company is generating returns from Bitcoin investing.He claims that his company is “mining” Bitcoin and paying interest directly to the investor’s bank account.


    It is not clear what company he is talking about as most of the communication is limited to his Facebook inbox.


    His bio claims that he has worked in the following places: 1.CNBC Crypto…. (what kind of company is this?)

    2.Manager at Bitcoin Investment ….. (Bitcoin investment is not a company and neither is it a website nor anything)

    3.Cryptocurrency training and mining….. leads to a site called (it’s for cashless payment)


    Mose Hendry’s bio does not add up. Instead, this guy has a lot of similarities with people who run Bitcoin MLMs.


    As a word of caution, I would recommend taking extra care when dealing with anything that he will introduce to you.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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