FX Taurus Pro Review: A Scam?

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    TEFX Team

    FX Taurus pro is a Forex indicator with no information for the customer to consume before they can purchase a license.

    The official website of FX Taurus pro is currently “not accepting new customers”.

    They claim that they are only accepting new customers every 3 to 4 months.

    However, it seems sneaky that these guys are asking for contact details of their customers and claiming to add them to the “list” every 24 hours.

    They claim that customers who have been added can get deals from them from time to time.

    What I’ve heard is that FX Taurus pro is basically a Forex trading indicator that is compatible with multiple trading strategies.

    I also visited a certain forum where some users claimed the system is very good. I cannot authenticate those claims just yet.

    Furthermore, their style of marketing makes it clear that the vendor is playing with the customer’s psychology.

    If it’s scarce, it must be a really good trading system. That’s what many desperate retail Forex traders out there think.

    My advice is: avoid FXTauruspro because this is yet another bogus indicator. Their style of marketing says it all.

    Check out these automated Forex trading tools for good alternatives.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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