Eosgolden.com Review: +250% in 28 hours Scam

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    TEFX Team

    Eosgolden.com is a HYIP and a scam for that matter. This fraudsite is claiming to generate +250% in 28 hours by just trading Cryptocurrencies.

    They also tell victims that Eosgolden.com is managed by “professional specialists” in the field of Crypto trading.

    This is of course a big fat lie.

    We’d love to look into their trading strategy and risk management as well. Unfortunately, this scam site does not have the information we need.

    Apart from this, Eosgolden.com is promising maximum transparency, security and profitability.

    The problem with this HYIP admin is that he got it all wrong from the word go.

    His profit projections are not accurate or even realistic. It seems that this Crypto investment scam is targeted at naive investors.


    Whatever it is; we’re sure of one thing…. this scam will steal whatever money you send them.

    They are only accepting deposits in BTC or Crypto in general. This makes it easier for thieves to steal from the victim.

    We would also like to tell the thief behind Eosgolden.com to pull up his socks and do a convincing job.

    Currently the template is dated and is being used across many other HYIP websites. They even lost creativity long ago.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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