Drashta Capital Review: A Scam?

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    Drashta Capital is a United Kingdom based investment manager offer a wide range of investing strategies.

    Investment approach involves identifying multiple strategies in the company’s database, observing them overtime for their edge and risk before building a portfolio around them.

    Drashta Capital was created in 2012. This is contrary to what the company has written on their about us page.

    It says drashtacapital.com was formed in 2010. It is also not known who is behind this company.

    Trading performance is also not known. The company has never promised or stated the average figures that investors can earn through their service.

    There are also no user reviews of this company anywhere on the internet. This is quite strange.

    Drashta Capital review

    A company that has existed for more than 6 years should attract the attention of customers looking for their service.

    From here, reviews and feedback will naturally start to show up on Google.

    Therefore, as at now, information about their financial services is scanty. The website of Drashta Capital is very economical with information.

    The only thing they did was to put up a professional template to complement their service.

    While they care about cosmetics, investors are looking for proof of performance and transparency where owners of this company can be introduced and performance provided after being audited by a third party statement sharing service like myfxbook.com.

    Check out these trading products and investment services instead.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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