Review: A Matrix Ponzi Scam is a matrix platform that is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

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The anonymous creators claim that nobody can alter the structure of their software even if the site is offline and that it is 100% safe.

The truth is that is not 100% safe and there is nothing like “investing” in their system without any risk.

The main purpose of is to collect money from the public (0.05 ETH) and distribute it among members who are participants in the system.

This is contrary to the statement that is a crowdfunding platform.

The website is not collecting money for any specific project.

Meanwhile, crowdfunding platforms are usually meant to collect money for a specific purpose, and they often say where the money is going to.

However, with, there is no project in sight and all the revenue they collect is to be shared among members in a matrix ponzi style.

Is legit?

It cannot be legit. It does not matter whether their system is decentralized or not.

The website is just an illegal financial service since what they’re doing is 100% pyramid scheme.

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They are lying to investors that if they put in 0.05ETH, they will recoup the cost of the deposit by inviting one person.

The platform is putting more emphasis on inviting people who want to earn money.

This is yet another evidence that Forsage is a pyramid scheme and not a genuine financial service.

Because it is providing some sort of financial service or purporting to provide a financial service, it should be licensed by a financial watchdog.

But this is not the case.

Can you recover lost money from

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Conclusion is basically a scam.

It collects money contributed by new members to pay those at the top. Not everyone at the “top” will be paid anyway.

Those who will be paid are mainly the owners of this pyramid scheme.

And before you know it, they will have disappeared with your money by shutting down the site.

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