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We know the title of this review aka Forex Investors Alliance is quite alarming but that’s exactly what we wanted to discuss.

The reason why the best traders and service providers are ahead of the pack is because they offer as much details as possible concerning their services and they’ve also spent a great deal of time building their reputation.

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Now, Forexia is a service that was created in July 2016 in order to offer a wide range of Forex trading products and services to the community.

Currently they sell expert advisors, a bunch of Forex trading courses and signals.

Forexia review Market Manipulation Mastery Academy Forex Investors Alliance

The vendor that runs this service did not focus on providing details of who they are.

So I embarked on a research which led me to a Facebook page where I found Dylan Shilts.

According to Mr. Shilts profile, he is from Plymouth, Wisconsin but he studied Hypnotherapy in Costa Ricca.

His telegram page is I’m not sure why Dylan of Forexia made this sudden switch from his initial career path to Forex trading. Review (Forex Investors Alliance)

Under their course library page, there are 11 different kinds of Forex courses which include:

  • USDZAR Strategy Mastery Course………….$1,000
  • Professional Guided Meditation and Hypnosis……. $999
  • Patrones de Reversals…………….. Free (course not in English language)
  • Multi-fractal Markets Advanced Course…………….. $850
  • Live Trading sessions course……$999
  • Identifying traps, inductions and False Moves……………$999
  • Free M/W formation course……. free
  • Forexia signature Trade Course (live webinars and bonsues included….. $2500
  • Forex Price Action Mastery Course……$999
  • Conspiracy Course…..$999
  • Beginner Basic Forex Course….. Free

There’s a brief description for every Forex course. However, these prices are a too exaugurated since even the best Forex course providers out there don’t charge thousands of dollars like

Therefore, Dylan of must give us sufficient reasons why they believe they can charge hundreds of dollars for basic trading courses that can often be found for free using Google search.

Finally, I am also connecting dots between Dylan’s Hypnotherapy and Forex trading.

There is zero connection between Forex trading and Hynosis but as you can see, Mr. Dylan has a Hypnosis Forex course.

This is weird as it makes the vendor comes across as someone who is peddling snake oil to the Forex trading community.

Forex Investors Alliance (Forexia Academy)

Access to this academy costs $75 per month. It is peddled as a service where traders can join the “inner circle” of traders to learn the secrets of banks and hedge fund managers.

It’s just a landing page with marketing fluff and a Trustpilot widget showing alleged customer testimonials.

My initial impression was very negative about this service because it sounded like the vendor is peddling some sort of financial wizardry.

At this point, I wanted to request Mr. Dylan’s trading statement because if he has the “secrets of hedge fund managers”, then he surely should outperform the average retail trader.

Again, there is no verifiable proof of trading success. is only relying on promises to sell this academy for $75 a month. Forex expert advisors

They’re currently selling 4 different kinds of expert advisors namely the Fractal Scalper, the Fractal Matix, Turtle EA by Zooky and the Bitrix Bitcoin.

Each Expert advisor’s sales page is accompanied by a few lines of description.

There is no solid explanation for the strategies of the Forex robots.

I’ve also discovered that Turtle EA and Bitrix Bitcoin are not up for sale anymore even though they still appear in the vendor’s website.

With regards to pricing, Forex Investors Alliance is selling their Forex EAs for $300 or $350 depending with the robot you want.

EA Monthly Returns

Fractal Scalper is allegedly generating between 3% to 30% per day.

The Matrix EA is allegedly generating between 15-45% per day.

They have also provided screenshots of their backtesting results. However, the vendor has refused to show us their myfxbook performance.

Definitely it is not a justifiable move to purchase any of these EAs seeing that the robots have no sufficient explanation of their strategy of variable proof of performance.

Client feedback on products and services

Reviews of this service have appeared on at least 2 forums namely FPA and TrustPilot.

I’ve had time to go through the reviews of their clients and what I found is that there is a mix of positive and negative reviews.

The vendor is trying to counter the negative reviews but I still find their reasons or justifications a bit lame.

The other positive reviews are also too good to be true.

As for Forexia reviews that appear on the TrustPilot website, we can say these are obviously fabricated.

First off, TrustPilot is a “reputation management” service that earns from clients who “claim their company” by creating a profile for a fee.

Whatever they do with this profile is up to them. Doggy vendors can even post fabricated testimonials and reviews to bump up their star ratings.

In the end, buyers of products who read these “reviews” end up making the wrong purchase decision based on illegally manufactured testimonials.


Forex Investors Alliance is definitely coming across as a webpage with all sorts of trading products.

Their products are super expensive and no verifiable results have accompanied the alleged worth of those products.

There is no sufficient info about the products either yet the vendor is expecting traders to spend hundreds of dollars on these products.

I do not see any reason why traders should invest in products and services.

I will definitely keep tabs on this service to see whether the vendor will change their style of presentation so they can appear more trustworthy.

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  1. I was very suspicious when their “free video” content was refusing me to watch it after putting in my password. I then realized the entire thing is designed to get you to put in multiple passwords and then it sells that data to third party companies on darkweb or some other seedy means. The owner of this website will get his due karma. That thought alone reassures me greatly.

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