Review: The ForexClub Scam

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Our review of the aka ForexClub will provide valuable insights about the company and whether or not it is legit.

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Currently, is claiming to be a Forex Binary Asset trading and “World’s most popular Bitcoin company”.

This statement is not plausible since Forexasset-trading is a website that was registered just the other day. Review

According to, ForexClub is just a couple of weeks old. So they can’t possibly be the World’s most popular Bitcoin trading company.

Their marketing materials also claim that was formed with the goal of helping investors increase their portfolio.

Each portfolio manager allegedly has 7 years of experience.

They perform “fundamental and credit analysis of securities” to achieve results for investors.

Investors are only required to sign up and place a minimum deposit of $30.

In addition to this, they tell us that their company is registered in the UK and is located in the London.

Company registration status in the UK does not mean much. We need to see their verifiable trading performance and also establish whether ForexClub is regulated by the FCA. review

This website is providing general information of what they do and also covers basic features of what we should expect.

However, we can find evidence all over to suggest that they are actually a ponzi scheme.

Their user stats are false and cannot be verified. The company is just a few weeks old yet they claim to have processed withdrawals to the tune of $8,000.

This is just a lie because most people willing to gamble their money on websites like ForexClub will start with a modest amount of $30.

Even if they were trading their client funds in the Forex and Crypto markets, their returns would not be so big so as to let investors withdraw $8,000.

Despite evidence of lies all over the website, they still claim to offer an opportunity for generating passive income.

In addition to this, they promise security of deposits, instant withdrawals and 24/7 support.

What we don’t know is the backgrounds of the people who run this company.

Furthermore, does not produce evidence of payouts which they’ve made, despite claiming to generate 3.-5.5% daily returns.

In fact, those daily returns are quite high and impossible to attain in a normal trading scenario.

So one is easily convinced that ForexClub is actually a HYIP as opposed to a legitimate trading company.

ForexClub is not regulated

They claim to be registered in the UK but are not showing us their FCA licensing number.

The UK financial regulator requires anyone providing financial services and targeting UK citizens to be registered with them.

This is not the case with

The problem of investing with an unregulated company is that they will not guarantee refunds in case the company is liquidated.

Funds are often mixed with company’s operation capital instead of using a segregated account.

Furthermore, if the company is unregulated, there is no compensation for investors who will find themselves in an awkward position with the company.

Lastly, HYIPS, MLMs and Ponzi schemes never qualify for licensing by any financial regulator, yet they claim to generate passive income for their investors.

We’re already aware of the fact that is a HYIP which is why they don’t provide any evidence of Forex or Bitcoin trading.


Don’t send any money to these crooks as they are not trading but rather paying out from deposits.

If they can’t tell you this in advance, then it means they are thieves. They will come up with all sorts of excuses not to give you your deposit.

Furthermore, websites like have employed fine con artists who will convince you on the phone to place a bigger deposit.

They will obviously collect your contact info during registration.

They can even decide to harvest and sell this information to third party marketers.

In short, ForexClub is not a serious investing opportunity. It is just a HYIP.

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