Forex Vip Signals Review: Scam Forex Signals?

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Welcome to the Forex Vip Signals review.

The vendor states that they are a VIP signal service from “award-winning and experienced team which provides 92% profit accuracy”.

Elsewhere on their website, Forex VIP Signals claims that their signals have a win rate of 96%.

I hope that the signal provider will verify these numbers and also talk about their trading methodology and how they’re able to achieve such a high and impossible win rate.

Moreover, Forex VIP signals is providing account management services.

If traders don’t want to trade for themselves, they can automate the process through copy trading as well.

This signal provider does not wish to disclose their identity or that of the team upfront.

Nonetheless, they’re insisting that their team provides the “best performing Forex VIP signals”.

In addition to that, they want us to know that they’re the “number 1 leaders in providing Forex VIP signals”.

I have no idea where they’re operating from and what their trading experience is.

Contact with the team can be established via Whatsapp or through email.

Forex Vip Signals review

This is a very attractive and colorful site.

The presentation is professional but full of promotional statements that make the service look too good to be true.

According to, was created in July of 2018.

Forex VIP Signals review

However, their website claims that Forex VIP signals is an award winning signal provider since 2010.

It is not likely the case since we’ve seen that the site was created in 2018 and not 2010.

Also, the person who registered that domain didn’t wish to disclose their identity.

I don’t think this should be a very big issue if the vendor is able to prove that their so-called VIP Forex signals are consistently profitable.

They claim to provide real-time Forex signal alerts on mobile phones in over 200+ countries.

Secondly, they want traders to know that their service is “compatible with all time zones”.

I believe they’re saying that Forex signals which are delivered by their team will benefit clients irrespective of their time zone or where they live.

While Forex VIP signals is a professional website, they use very few words but many pictures to describe their service.

With this minimalist approach, I am unable to tell what trading logic they’re using. I am also not able to tell how they manage risks in their trades.

The only thing they tell us is that ForexVIPsignals trades Forex pairs such as EURUSD, GBPJPY, EURNZD, AUDUSD, CADJPY and many more.

In addition to this, they make it clear that they’re trading Gold (XAUUD) as well.

With a vibrant website like this, I expected some more explanations about how they trade and not just the pairs they trade.

So with no explanation about their trading logic and risk management, Forex VIP signals expects us to give them the benefit of doubt.

Going in blind and paying at least $99 for a service like this would seem like the right thing to do.

However, there could be more than meets the eye.

Forex VIP Signals review: Breakdown of the signal service

Signal packages are sold in terms of the number of pips that can be achieved instead of the duration of subscription.

This is a very popular style of selling signals on the internet today.

I’ve seen it with services such as, Carlos and Company, FX Jet pack and ProForexTrades.

[tabs][tab title=”3,000 pips”]Price: $99

Daily signals and recommended action: √

Win rate: 92%

[/tab] [tab title=”8,500 pips”]

Price: $215

Daily signals and recommended action: √

Win rate: 92%

[/tab] [tab title=”11,500 pips”]

Price: $315

Daily signals and recommended action: √

Win rate: 92%

[/tab] [tab title=”15,000 pips”]

Price: $515

Daily signals and recommended action: √

Win rate: 92%


Forex VIP Signals does not tell us how long the number of pips promised in their packages are likely to be achieved.

Secondly, we would like proof of their purported 92% win rate because this seems unbelievable.

If they can prove that their win rate is consistent (which I doubt), then Forex VIP signals’ services can be worth more.

Trading results of ForexVIPsignals

The vendor’s website has a page dedicated to “reporting the trading activities” of their team.

They document trading results in terms of weeks.

Forex VIP Signals review and results

Therefore, since I’m writing this Forex VIP signals review in the month of December, you should see “trading results” for week 1 of December, week 2 and so on.

Nevertheless, I believe this is the most difficult way to keep track of results and secondly, it removes transparency altogether.

Forex VIP signals is actually posting results which they’ve typed on their keyboard instead of what the broker has printed for them.

This is really absurd.

I expected a professional service like this one to use a statement sharing service like

With this service, the vendor cannot manipulate results in their favor.

In addition to that, a account will provide details such as monthly returns, draw down, number of pips achieved every day and so on.

I hope you can see how transparent this can get.

Customer feedback

There are no reviews of the Forex VIP signals at the moment.

However, the vendor is showing us results from their Telegram account and also purporting that many of their clients have been making money with this service.

Remember that these “results” are not 100% transparent either.

It’s a popular way to cheat people who will believe the figures posted therein.

The truth is that anyone with basic photo-editing skills can do a page full of purported results and money that was made in the process.


While the website of Forex VIP signals is attractive, I can’t find reasons as to why traders should subscribe.

Lack of transparency is the biggest factor here.

The alleged win rate and profits have not been verified by a third party.

Also, common sense should tell us that it is not possible to maintain a 92% win rate in the long run.

I believe this service is only making money because they know how to market on the internet.

Thanks for reading this Forex VIP signals review.

I want to hear your thoughts regarding this Forex signal provider.

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