Forex Telegram Trading Alerts Review(moneytrustforexsignals) is the domain of a Forex and Crypto signal provider who is also known as Money Trust Forex Signals.

Essentially, this service is operating using two names (Forex Telegram Trading Alerts) and (Money Trust Forex Signals).

Their contact email is [email protected] while customers who would like to speak with them on phone are provided with the number 903) 392 6670.

With their Telegram group packages, subscribers can pay anywhere between $50 weekly, $150/monthly, $400/quarterly, $500/yearly or $1,000 (for a Forex education course).

They claim to send between 8 to 12 signals daily including Crypto, US30, XAUUSD trade alerts.

Proper risk management is allegedly observed and the team of traders believe that they’ll provide you with “outstanding service”.

It is unusual for a trading educator to charge $1,000 for a Forex trading course.

Forex Telegram Trading Alerts review

We therefore hope that before we complete this Forex Telegram Trading Alerts review, the signal provider will have given us good reasons why they believe their product is worth this much.

Is Forex Telegram Trading Alerts Legit

The people who trade for Money Trust Forex Signals are unknown, yet their promotion materials proclaim that these traders have 15 years of experience.

It is quite difficult to verify these claims because these traders have not been introduced and their backgrounds is quite difficult to verify.

We also don’t feel comfortable paying whose trading background is unknown.

Their website is also quite salesly with little in the way of proof of results.

For example, the homepage of Forex Telegram Trading Alerts claims that the service has consistently gained 10,000 pips every month since 2007.

However, according to, the website of this service provider was actually registered on 14th of July 2020.

It cannot be true that these traders have traded for 15 years.

Possibly they don’t have any experience at all. Their sales page is only focused on showing Telegram screenshots yet we know that some vendors show fake profits on Telegram just to sell.

There’s no difference between Forex Telegram Trading Alerts and a signal service like Robot Pips.

Therefore, Money Trust Forex Signals is not a legit signals service.

Can you recover money lost through Money Trust Forex Signals?

With Forex Telegram Trading Alerts showing the common signs of a failed signal provider, complaints are bound to arise.

You might lose money through a broker whom they’re affiliated with or lose a huge amount of money through their Forex trading course which we believe is a rehash of free materials found on Google.

If you feel scammed by this service, you should visit this link to find a solution on how to recover lost funds.


Forex Telegram Trading Alerts is way below the standard and we cannot include it into our list of the most recommended trading services for the same reason.

The sales page appears to be presenting lies and statements that are gimmicky.

They do not have any verified trading results. Their 10k pips a month performance is unverified.