Forex Steam Review: Is It Reliable or Scam?

Forex Steam is a Forex trading robot that provides software for traders who specialize in the Forex markets.

The developer is known to create several trading bots that allow users to invest in Forex even if they have little experience with manual trading.

These trading bots are supposed to be successful as the company has been around for the past 25 years so they ideally have experience in this field.

However, there is a lot more to Forex trading than simply having experience, so we should review further details of the site to see whether it is legitimate or not.

forex steam review ea

The fact that they have lasted for so long in the highly competitive Forex market is an indication that this company is legitimate. Many of the Forex trading companies that are fraudulent, usually last for 1 or 2 years before vanishing from the market.

The creator of Forex Steam has a strong development program that allows them to stay competitive every year as the software needs to stay updated to make up for market changes.

They had a lot of success with Forex Fury robot and now they present Forex Steam to an audience who may want more than what Forex Fury does not provide.
Forex steam is one of the few companies online that has remained competitive for more than 10 years.

It is relatively easy to use their software as they have provided detailed guides and tutorials.

In case of any issues with the developer, you should contact them immediately.

The company is registered as Forex Steam INC, and operates mostly through virtual locations.

However, customer reviews indicated that they are quick to respond to queries, so you can contact them via e-mail at

Alternatively, you could fill the contact form on the site. The website can be reached at: The only possible issue that you might face when contacting them is the absence of a phone number, although it could be understandable for a virtual company.

Forex steam Review

Forex steam is basically a trading robot. When you go onto the site, you will need to sign up for an account.

This is a trading robot in the form of software that can be integrated with most trading platforms.

Because of this, you could use this trading robot with your trading system to help automate the trading process.

  • Unlike many scams in the name of Forex trading, this software has to be purchased.
  • This is another positive sign as it is only fair that the maker of a legitimate software earn some profit on it. It also means that you are unlikely to get scammed.
  • You can download the software after purchasing it and they will provide free guides on how to install it. There are features that can be customized according to your trading preferences.
    We appreciate that the system allows traders to test it, and make adjustments to the parameters.
  • There are thousands of traders all sharing their different approaches to the software, and this is great to see. It goes to show that Steam can be used in so many different ways.
    Forex Steam EA Analysis
    Company: Forex Steam
    Product: Forex trading bot
    Cost: $118
    Trading results: Positive
    Customer feedback: Positive
    Trading experience: 10 years

Trading results of the Forex Steam EA

Unlike many new trading robots, Forex Steam has a positive history of trading results that can be verified.

They have posted a list of trading results on their site and you can expect returns anywhere between 10-20%. This is a solid rate of return and the trading results are there to back it up.

So far they have posted more than 1100 trading results that can be verified through third parties such as Forex Robot Nation.

A company that provides legitimate and verified trading results is unlikely to be a scam, so you do not have to worry about investing in this site.

Customer Feedback

The web if filled with reviews of Forex steam. Unlike many other forex traders, they have positive reviews more than 98% of the time.

forex steam ea customer reviews

In fact they have so many positive reviews that many sites have listed this as unnatural. However, judging from the uniqueness of each review, it cannot be said that these are fake.

In fact, there are a few negative reviews, but these are not common.

Some customers have complained that they had not gotten a timely response while another customer claims that the software did not deliver the expected returns.

However, most of the reviews are positive and there is always a chance that one or two customers will not be satisfied.
The only time I see negative reviews are from traders that give up after a couple weeks or never set it up correctly in the first place.

Luckily, there are guides, videos and helpful support so you should never be in a position where you aren’t using it the right way.


Forex steam has been around for more than 10 years.

This is more than many other forex trading robots. Most forex trading robots will start to show sign of slowing down after the first few months and many disappear in a year.

However, the fact that this site has managed to stay competitive in the forex markets shows that it is legitimate. They provide verified contact details and they have also attached verified trading results.

Many of these were verified through an external trading site.

Another positive aspect of this site is that they have a consistent stream of positive reviews. This always shows that the site is legitimate and the software is working.

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