• Your concerns will be addressed if you sign up for the first month for only $10. Paul openly admits he’s only been doing this for two years.

  • Hi, this is Paul McMann, chief operating director at Forex Smart Trade.

    I don’t know who this person or group is, but at Forex Smart Trade, we are very transparent in all we do, and we let you make your own evaluation as to how good our super accurate proprietary indicators are by allowing you to test drive them for 30 days for $10. We give the $10 to charity.

    During trial, we give you best in the business one-on-one training from experienced traders. And we are so confident in the indicators and our ability to train you, that after you’ve been trained, we guarantee to let you trade company money. Now that is confidence.

    So rather than let a nameless, faceless individual tell you whether something is good or bad, test it for yourself. Currency trading is life changing if it is for you. Give it a try and see.

    If you do the trial, plan on giving a 5 hour a week commitment.

  • I wonder if Paul can tell us how many students have trained with this program and of those, how many actually received their funds of $50-100K to trade?

  • I’ve been trading for over two years, no less than 9 hours a day. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Paul sends me trades every day via a text marketing. The locations of entries, stop losses and profits just don’t add up. In fact they are wildly off.
    Not all trading marketers are crooks,
    But all Crooks are Marketers.