We provider accurate Forex signals to traders and investors…. the same signals that we use on managed Investment accounts for our premium clients. Now you can access the same signals traded on their managed accounts for only $149 per month. Before you subscribe, request for our 3 day trial. It costs nothing and if you are happy with the results, go ahead and subscribe.

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What you can expect with this premium Forex signal service (subscription-based)

1 Up to 400 pips per week on email/telegram/whatsapp

2 24/5 support to all subscribers

3 Detailed analysis and explanation of the signals sent to you

4 Take Profit and Stop loss is provided

5 60-79% win rate (note: you can still make money with my signals even with 50% win rate). We use the best Risk-Reward strategies in my Forex signals, hence you will make money even if it’s just 50%.

N/B: We’re professional swing traders but we sometimes scalp the market if there is an opportunity.

We have included trading performance (most current as at the time of editing this page).

best forex signals on telegram

That said, if you subscribe to join our Telegram/WhatsApp group, we will give you up to 10 Forex signals on a weekly basis. You will make up to 400 pips profit.

Note: If you’d like to trade Cryptocurrency pairs, we have a separate signal service for that too.

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