Forex Signals and Invest Review: Is it a Scam?

Forex Signals and Invest is a managed account provider and signal service as well. The official website of the Forex Signals and Invest can be found at

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They want the Forex trading community to know that this service is operated by a group of 5 professional traders from the UK and France.

Furthermore, they’re advertising 4000 pips per month or 60% monthly returns and we’re wondering if this statement can be backed by verifiable trading results.

For their Forex signals, they claim to post at least 3 signals a day which is around 12pm, 5pm and 10pm GMT (UTC +0) London time.

It’s important to know that Forex Signals and Invest are swing traders (according to their website). This means that they hold trades for long since TP are typically 100 pips away from entry.

Also, does not disclose ownership information. It is quite difficult to establish the real truth when they say that Forex signals and invest is run by 5 professional traders.

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Forex Signals and Invest review

They claim to trade like the banks. This means that they’re trading multiple Forex pairs and holding trades overnight.

They also claim to risk 1% of equity and no more. Their trading signals don’t have a stop loss but a take profit of at least 100 pips is always the focus.

The reason that they give for this is that trades can sometimes take the wrong way before moving in the predicted direction.

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Forex signals and invest suggests that they fear their stop loss getting hit unlike if they trade with a defined take profit but no stop loss.

This is a weird way to trade as we know that all professional traders must use stop loss as opposed to just closing trades manually.

Signals are delivered using Whatsapp and Telegram respectively.

Their signals are offered in 4 different plans costing anywhere between 25 Euros to 180 Euros. Managed accounts are offered in terms of investment plans starting 100 euros to 2000 euros.

In another part of the website, they claim to provide managed Forex accounts to investors with at least 4000 US dollars.

We believe that their investment plans are most likely a scam because they don’t follow the same procedures that genuine managed Forex accounts follow.

Their investment program is operating in a weird way. They claim to generate 60% monthly return while incentive fee is 20%.

Investors are not required to open a broker account. In fact, deposits go straight away to a personal account in a SKRILL, NETELLER and BITCOIN wallet.

So this means that there’s no PAMM account at all. If you need to invest in a PAMM account, you should look for a managed account provider that works with a legit broker.

Don’t send money to a personal account because there will be no accountability plus the individual claiming to offer managed Forex accounts will have full control over your funds.

They can disappear with your money if they want to.

Forex Signals and Invest review: Forex signals plans

A month of Forex trading signals is 25 Euros. 3 months subscription costs 60 euros while a 6 month and 1 year subscription will set you back by 110 euros and 180 euros respectively.

Their subscription plans are affordable but you have to ask yourself whether Forex signals and invest are providing constantly profitable Forex signals.

Other than stating that their signals are providing returns of 60% a month and that they help traders control their risks according to their account balance, we fail to find any other information that helps us establish the credibility of their business.

We need to see their trading performance, something which is easily to document and show to traders and clients like us.

They also need to explain why they think a professional trader can succeed without a stop loss in place. This is not what we expect from a site that claims to provide Forex signals and managed accounts.

Trading performance

They don’t provide any trading performance plus there’s no explanation at all as to why trading history is missing. The question is, how do we know whether these people are trading at all?

We’ve seen a lot of hyip (high yield investment programs) claiming to trade Forex but in reality, they are running a ponzi scheme business where investors deposits are used to pay old members.

The only thing provided by Forex signals and invest is a page that has screenshots of supposed trading history. These have been cherry picked or manipulated to give the impression that this is a profitable trading venture

forex signals and invest results

With no disclosure of their trading history, one cannot determine the authenticity of this trading operation. A legit signal provider will disclose their trading history on a platform like or for that matter.

Forex Signals and Invest reviews

I’ve not seen any review or customer feedback regarding the quality of service offered by Forex signals and invest.

The service has been around since 2018 and I was expecting to see at least 10 reviews from traders who have used this service.

In short, we cannot trust a service that does not have any reviews to back its claims.


Forex signals and invest might be a scam. They are working with a broker called FX time which means that even if they have a separate PAMM account, it must be a copy trading service.

However, their investment plans are putting a question mark in our heads. Furthermore, lack of verifiable trading results is a concern.

In short, we don’t recommend Forex signals and invest as an ideal investment destination. Like Global Profit Technologies, this might be a clever scam that intends to take advantage of investors who don’t know how Forex trading works.

4 Responses to “Forex Signals and Invest Review: Is it a Scam?”

  1. olivia leyton says:

    They are scammers. Don’t invest in their ‘PAMM’ account. You’ll never see your money again.

    1. Andy Wall says:

      What happened when you invested money with them?

  2. Hein says:

    Scammers they dont pay when you request a withdrawal. When you keep message them they delete you. I invested 1000 pound over a year ago. No they dont pay

  3. c says:

    they do not communicate after you have joined and sent money,
    you cannot withdraw money, even though their website shows profits made,
    BEWARE !!!!

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