Forex Savages Review: The Daniel Savage Scam

Forex Savages is a trading school by Daniel Savage. The website also runs a YouTube Channel as well as a Telegram channel for sending out signals.

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Forex Savages is currently peddling a Forex trading course with 54 lessons at a cost of $367.

In addition to this, Daniel Savage is touting a 3 day boot camp where he teaches 5 lessons at a cost of $300.

This boot camp is allegedly for expert level traders.

On their Telegram channel, they provide free signals (DTL signals) for 30 days.

To qualify for these signals, one must have bought Daniel’s trading course.

We currently don’t know where Daniel of Forex Savages is from.

He has not provided his track record of trading either.

He uses his Youtube channel to flaunt expensive cars and a fancy lifestyle which he claims was attained through Forex trading.

He even claims in a couple of Youtube videos that he won $100,000 from FTMO broker.

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We can’t verify these claims because Daniel did not provide a link to his myfxbook account or a brokerage trading statement to confirm so.

However, he is using a common style of marketing that is synonymous with charlatans in the Forex marketplace.

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Is Forex Savages Legit?

The owner of Forex Savages is not legitimate. His sales pitch suggests that he does not have a track record of his personal trades.

Forex Savages

Daniel is a very good salesman. He is a funny character that wants to sell you copy pasted learning materials which he found on the internet for free.

This guy is “teaching” support and resistance, Fibonacci, Trend Lines, Supply and Demand and so on.

Just google any of these subjects and you can start learning for free.

Besides, Daniel is not a successful trader which is why he depends on selling this material to make money.

This is why he has resorted to renting expensive cars for the purpose of marketing his trading course.


Do not waste your money on Forex Savages trading course because Daniel does not have a trading edge.

How can he make you a successful trader when he does not trade at all.

All the trades he took in one of his YouTube videos were done from a simulator.

This was for marketing purposes. This guy is clearly a salesman, not a professional trader.

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