Forex Profita Review: Scam Signals Service?

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Forex Profita is a provider of Forex signals dating back to February 2015.

Forex Profita sells signal packages starting $100 monthly, $250 quarterly or $400 bi-annually.

There is also a signal package that goes for $30 per week.

In the long run, it’s going to be costly than some of the best Forex trading software and signal services that we recommend here.

Moreover, Forex Profita is going to look bad if they can’t prove their supposed success.

Forex Profita claims to be the best Forex signal service, thanks to their industry experience, proven day trading strategies and technical analysis which produces 78% to, 87% accuracy rate.

Depending on the package chosen, one can receive between 3 to 15 live signals per day through Whatsapp and Telegram respectively.

They tout instant mobile alert of signals, personal signal manager, trading in both London and US sessions, money management, affordable pricing, proven performance and guaranteed profitability.

Forex Profita has also listed their address as 28 Freshwater Place, Southbank VIC, Australia 3006.

We therefore assume that they’re based in Australia, although the website has also provided a phone number for those who want to call from outside Australia.

Is Forex Profita legit?

Majority of new traders will fall for statements like “join us and watch your financial dreams come true”.

Forex Profita signals review

Unfortunately, for us to endorse this signal provider, we must find proof that this signals service indeed has an outstanding 87% success rate.

So far, we have never found any signal provider that can maintain this success rate when sending out up to Forex 15 signals per day.

They also claim that Forex Profita is trusted by thousands of traders. We’re not likely to believe this statement unless we’re extremely naive.

While there are reviews all over the internet discussing Forex Profita’s services, we still believe that a genuine signals service must verify their trading performance using a third-party statement sharing service like

The problem with this signal service is that they are posting results which are difficult to verify.

We can’t tell whether the “results” are fake or the entry and exit points listed on the performance are equally fake.

There’s no way to verify drawdown and key parameters in the performance of their signals.

This is why we believe Forex Profita is not a legit signals provider.


This signal provider is promoting his services using too good to be true promises.

For example, they’re guaranteed profits and a very high win rate.

We cannot verify the expertise of their traders either. And there service does not even mention the trading methodology used to analyze signals and stops before sending them out.

We don’t recommend Forex Profita at this time.

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