Forex Pip Killer Review(Forex Robot EA)

Forex Pip Killer is the name of an EA whose owner believes we can increase our profits smartly everyday.

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The homepage of the Forex Pip Killer EA even calls it “FOREX NEVER LOSS ROBOT”.

The community should know that this is just marketing gimmick and no trader should fall for such words unless there’s proof of good performance and a solid track record.

A copy of the Forex Pip Killer EA costs $200 while double licenses cost $300.

This is way costly than even some of our favorite EAs that have good performance record and can be relied on.

If you would like a super license of the Forex Pip Killer EA (which consists of 4 copies), you’ll pay $400 or $600 for unlimited number of licenses.

Forex Pip Killer ea review

This Forex robot is fully automated and features support and recovery system, all broker support, all currencies, low minimum deposit of $10, money management, hidden stop loss, ease of use and lifetime support.

The developer is called Tihomir Deliev. That name sounds Russian but the location where this website is operated from is undisclosed.

Support is available through phone call, Telegram and Skype.

Also, Mr. Tihomir has provided his MT4 account with investor access for thorough scrutiny of his Forex Pip Killer EA’s performance.

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Is Forex Pip Killer Legit?

The website has existed since April 2019.

They have also provided trading statements since November 2019.

I opted to login with the provided investor credentials just to see how this account was performing.

I realized that no active trades are currently being executed.

Secondly, I was not able to tell drawdown percentage because MT4 accounts are not designed to track this data.

Even though I can see profits and occasional losses from this real account, I cannot tell the sustainability or reliability of this performance in the foreseeable future.

This is why I always insist that developers should just keep it simple to their audience by providing their myfxbook account.

With a myfxbook profile, it is easier to get an overview of trading results, performance and future outcome by just looking at the charts.

Therefore, the developer of ForexPipKiller EA is failing us in this area.

Update: Here’s the developer’s myfxbook account and the results are disappointing.

The account is not fully verified and monthly returns is super abnormal. It stands at 247.73% per month while drawdown is 60%.

The account has gained an abnormal +715587.93% return. These figures are obviously manipulated.

Should you buy a license of Forex Pip Killer EA?

I wouldn’t recommend this robot to the community.

I have seen community feedback regarding the performance of PipKiller Robot.

The feedback is horrific. I wouldn’t wish any of our readers to fall into the trap of this robot.


Forex Pip Killer is obviously a failed product and not a reliable robot that serious traders can use.

If you’re reading this review and are looking for a good FX robot, consider getting one from this list of recommended products and services.

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