Forex Lush Inc Review (Aurora and Tsunami EAs)

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The Forex Lush Inc is the company that develops and sells Aurora and Tsunami expert advisors.

They claim that both EAs are back-tested at 99% accuracy.

Each one of these products uses a combination of fine-tuned entry criteria and sound exit strategies.

Forex Lush Inc also claims that both Expert advisors are designed with tested and proven strategies, in-built money management and are FIFO & NFA Compatible. uses the usual trading indicators to build their strategies.

These include Bollinger Bands, Support and Resistance, Average True Range, Relative Strength Index among others.

The cost of Tsunami EA is $59 and developer claims that it has achieved 92% gains.

It is optimized for trading EurUsd, AudNzd but can also be used on other currency pairs.

Recommended minimum trading balance is $100. It’s an aggressive EA that follows the trend.

It can be used to take big gains quickly, which is also an indication that Tsunami EA is a scalper.

On the other hand, Aurora EA costs $59. The EA has same requirements as Tsunami EA.

Starting trading balance is $100 and it is optimized for the 5 min timeframe on pairs like EurUsd and AudNzd.

The algorithm of the Aurora EA features an adaptive price analyzing module and it does not use risky trading strategies like hedging, grid trading etc.

It protects account against high spreads and has been backtested for 10 years with a 99.9% accuracy.

Strategy insights have not been provided, which is why I feel reluctant including it in my list the the best Expert advisors and investment resources.

Is Forex Lush legit?

The sales page is quite professional which makes us conclude that they’re legit.

forex lush review

However, I still doubt the performance of either of their two EAs (the Tsunami EA and the Aurora expert advisor).

The developer is also introducing themselves using the name of their company but no names of individuals working here.

So the about us page makes a generic statement about who they are.

They claim to be a group of financial and technical experts who came together to create a product by dedicating hundreds of hours in testing.

Their sales page is also made up of some videos and screenshots of back testing data.

I’ve said many times that in 2020, back testing is not the best way to prove the viability of an expert advisor.

If they want to convince us, they should let us take a look at Forex Lush myfxbook track record.

One of the screenshots suggests that they have a myfxbook portfolio.

However, when I begin to actively search for this account and the portfolios therein, I find none.

Should you buy EAs from Forex Lush Inc?

I would be hesitant to buy any of their EAs given that the developer is not providing proof of successful trading.

They can’t justify their alleged 92% gain except through unreliable back tests which they claim has an accuracy of 99.9%.

These products look like they’re going to lose money, which is why ForexLush Inc is not willing to use a more transparent approach of presenting results.


I wouldn’t recommend these products at this time.

The “success” of these EAs are based on backtesting but not live market data and performance.

I’m not going to request you guys to buy any of the product’s license. It’s not worth it.

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