Forex Investment Fund Review: FIF is a Ponzi Scam

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Welcome to Forex Investment Fund review.

Forex Investment Fund (FIF) is an imaginary Forex trading operation.

The site uses well-known twaddle in the HYIP business to cover up for their illegal ponzi scheme operation.

If you believe that you can get back 570% returns after 25 days, then you’re the exact target of this thief.

The site is registered to someone called Karina Spasova. It was registered in 2006 but the domain will expire in 2021.

That is when this thief will probably disappear with all the funds.

Moreover, the faceless individuals claim that they’re a “strong team of traders” with 8 years of experience. They even proclaim that Forex Investment Fund (FIF) is a “group of qualified professionals”.

Yeah indeed…….., they are professional con artists because I can’t imagine the number of victims who have gone through this thief’s hands.

Anyway, we’re reviewing Forex Investment Fund and we’re also discovering that this fake trading operation is selling itself using the popular get-rich-quick tagline.

This is the case with Forex92, FX Gainer, World Markets and many other scams.

If you want to know how serious this is, keep reading this Forex Investment Fund review because we’re exposing very interesting things regarding this operation.

Forex Investment Fund review

The baseless Crypto scam is offering 4 investment packages.

Victims are supposed to transfer their Bitcoins to the faceless HYIP scammer because this is a fairly convincing fraud especially when they say;

Honestly, please do not compare us to something like “HYIP” programs or “games” that are always coming and going.

And how about this?

Forex Investment Fund (FIF) is a high yield, private loan program, backed up by Bonds, Forex, Gold, Stocks trading, and investing in various funds and activities all over the world.

The scam-sector is now saturated with these doublers. Forex Investment Fund tells unsuspecting victims that multiple deposits are allowed.

Forex Investment Fund FIF review

They claim that FIF is a 100% secure investment operation. Moreover, these con artists declare that there is no need to have an online account on their site because they can be hacked and coins stolen.

Imagine this thief confessing that their site is vulnerable to hacks! If takes extreme ignorance for one to transfer their Bitcoins to this site.

Forex Investment Fund even declares that the way to your financial freedom goes through them. This is a very funny statement considering that these people are not trading.

Genuine trading in the financial markets must involve a regulated broker and clients must sign an LPOA before depositing funds.

Furthermore, clients must have 100% control of their funds and not the other way round.

Forex Investment Fund review: 570% in 25 days

Financial markets do not provide a way to get rich overnight. So 570% in 25 days is a hoax.

If FIF were legit, they would put even the biggest hedge funds to shame because those profits are astronomical.

While the scammer makes these claims, he makes no mention of the losses that people incur trading the financial markets.

Furthermore, there’s no way to prove that they’re trading with money sent to them. How do we tell where the fake profits will come from?

Bottom line is the bottom line. When you see too good to be true numbers, just don’t believe the fairy tale.

Not regulated

This scam is purported to operate from 1328 Broadway New York, NY 10001 USA.In the US, it is considered a felony if you’re offering a financial service without a regulator’s license from the SEC.

By claiming that Forex Investment Fund is investing their clients’ money in the financial markets, they are directly offering securities to the public.

If the thief is based in the US, he should know this already. The problem is that there is no way to verify their claim. says the person who registered this site is based in Ukraine. So how come that Forex Investment Fund website is listing a US address instead of the real location?

Also, if this website is offering a financial service, they should be incorporated. Unfortunately nowhere on the website did they mention company details.

An anonymous company run by a faceless owner who asks for money is definitely a scam.


We all agree that FIF is unregulated, illegal, unlicensed and anonymous.

Secondly, there’s no evidence of trading. Forex Investment fund claims that they trade but where exactly is the evidence?

This corny website reminds me of an Italian con artist known as Charles Ponzi.

In the 1920s, this swindler collected money from victims in North America purporting that he will return 50% in 45 days or 100% in 90 days.

He persuaded victims by telling them that he was buying discounted postal coupons from other countries and then “redeeming them at face value” in the US.

But in the real sense, he was using money from later investors to pay those who joined earlier. See wikipedia for more info.

Anyway, Forex Investment Fund is similar to this ponzi scheme. There is no trading.

They even confess that the company has accumulated huge assets and they’ll use the money to pay every investor who joins.

Whether this is true or not is another story. However, you should know that once you send your Bitcoins to this scammer, there’s no claiming them back.

Thanks for reading the Forex Investment Fund review. Let’s here your comments.

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