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GOT SCAMMED by a broker? Fill out this form to schedule FREE consultation with experts who will assist you recover your funds. is a silly investment scam that targets naive investors. It is basically a high yield investment program whose mode of operation resembles that of a ponzi scheme.

We urge you to invest in serious trading platforms as ponzi schemes are there to enrich the owners and not the participants.

Are you looking for a good investment platform or Forex broker? Here is a list of brokers and investment platforms we recommend for your financial success. is telling us that they’re based in Singapore. Whether this is true or not is something that we cannot establish.

However, as we continue to peruse this corny website, we find a lot of lies here and there which is why we are convinced that Forex-investment is actually a scam.

Who are

They’re a bunch of idiots who are trying to sell the unwitting investors the idea of financial freedom.

The website claims that their activities span across trading, mining, paid adverts and buying of Forex signals.

Their explanation is quite vague as the company does not provide further insights into what kind of mining they are involved in as well as how they generate revenue from the so-called paid adverts. also claims that part of their revenue is from ‘buying Forex signals’. Unfortunately, the act of buying Forex signals does not always guarantee that a profit will be made.

It seems this scamsite was just filling up its homepage with random texts because whoever is behind it lacks creativity.

An investor would really be a first-time to trust

Additional stupid tricks that are designed to separate you from your money

The aim of this scam is to steal your deposit. They are going to do everything they can in order to persuade you to make a deposit.

One of the tricks that this scam has used is a video of how to buy Bitcoin online.

Since they’re primarily collecting deposits in Bitcoin, they want you to have Bitcoins. If you don’t, they urge you to buy them online, hence the video that is on the homepage.

And is actually a very new website as it is only 3 months old but their marketing materials claim they have been around since 2018.

The domain extension .co is very cheap unlike .com and .org. Their choice of a .co means the scammer was looking to steal money online using the least cost they could pay to setup a scam site.

How do you trust a cheap scam to pay you passive income?

What to do if you have been scammed by

Your funds are not safe in the hands of these crooks. So the possibility of getting scammed is actually very high.

If you lost money to this scam or any other Forex scam on the internet, we urge you to claim back your money by clicking the red box at the beginning of this review.

You can also utilize the live chat button down below to begin the chargeback process.

The Conclusion

They are a silly scam. They are just targeting stupid investors with no knowledge of how things work on the internet.

These guys are not licensed, which is a red flag you should consider.

Any financial service that invests money on behalf of its clients needs a license from an established financial regulator.

Of course does not provide proof of their investment activities. It would therefore mean that any payouts which they are giving a few number of investors will be coming from new deposits.

It seems this is a ponzi scheme because if indeed ROIs are being paid out, it must come from somewhere. has not given proof of income generation from their supposed investment activities. Keep off.

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