Forex Gold Alerts Review: Is Scam?

Forex Gold Alerts Review


Forex Gold Alerts review: We’d like transparent trading results as well as more clarity on the trading background of the people who analyze the markets for this website. We just don’t take their word for it. Read this Forex Gold Alerts review to understand more.

Welcome to the Forex Gold Alerts review. This service is similar to Gold signal app in many ways. You can check their review here.

The website in question can be found at The signal vendor is claiming to provide very accurate trading forecast signals for Gold, Silver and commodities in the spot market.

The frequency signal frequency can be between 40 to 50 signals every month. Trading signals for Gold and futures are posted in the members area, email or mobile app (based on membership level).

Forex Gold Alerts website provides 3 subscription packages in addition to a trading software known as Master Mind Gold Trading System.

Master Mind Gold Trading System is a collection of other trading systems. These include:

  • GoldSilver Trading System #1……. Forex Gold Alerts claims this is worth $2,000
  • GoldSilver Trading System #2……… 
  • Big Bonus  #2, 
  • Big Bonus #3
  • Big Bonus #4
  • Big Bonus #5…
  • Big Bonus #6
  • Big Bonus #7
  • Big Bonus #8

And so on……..

All of the above “bonuses” have an average worth in USD.

Forex Gold Alerts also claims that users who purchase the Gold/Silver trading indicator will also be entitled to one month free access to where they’ll learn how to analyze the market properly.

In addition to this, the vendor claims that their trading indicators are ideal for scalping and medium-term traders.

Since the vendor is claiming to slash the price by half, they are supposedly going to give you this “profitable Gold and silver trading indicator” plus “special bonuses” for $1,499.

forex gold alerts review

Forex Gold Alerts provides their physical address as 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. # 20670, Houston, TX 77043 USA.

This address is shared by two other websites which we presume belong to Forex Gold Alerts. These websites include:


Wealth Profusion has no relationship with trading or investing at all. Also, based on this information, we can conclude that this vendor is a jack of all trades.

We ask you to spare a few minutes to read this Forex Gold Alerts review.

We’ve covered every aspect of the service and are confident that we’ll deliver a fair yet truthful review that can inform your purchase decision.

Forex Gold Alerts review

The website of Forex Gold Alerts is quite straight forward in terms of what they offer.

As soon as traders visit the homepage, it immediately becomes clear what type of service this vendor is offering.

One of the things we noticed is that this signal vendor has segmented their members area into two. There’s a members’ area for US customers and Members’ area for customers from Europe.

In addition to this, the vendor has created a special membership area for traders who want to trade XAUEUR pair.

We tried clicking around and were told that we’re not authorized to visit this members area.

Let’s be clear on this; there’s no free trial for the members area. One has to subscribe to any of the packages to find out the quality of the trade forecasts.

They claim that their profits for the month of January 2020 is 32,484 pips.

We’re not sure whether to give them the benefit of doubt considering that a lot of things are concealed regarding this trading service.

For example, the signal vendor claims that they learned their trading from New York exchange gurus yet we don’t know which companies they worked for and who exactly these traders are.

This kind of presentation does not instill confidence in the customer. It would have been very helpful if these guys introduced their names and their trading backgrounds as well.

They can use a professional platform such as LinkedIn to relay this information and to make the work of investigators like us easier.

Forex Gold Alerts packages

There are 3 packages so far. We’ve listed then in the tabs below for your viewing pleasure.

Daily Gold Forecast Alerts
Daily Silver Forecast Alerts
Monthly Gold Analysis
50 to 60 Signals per month
Basic Support by Email
Forecast in US & Europe Sessions
Extra Short Term Forecast
Signals on Website
Signals send by Email 

29$/week then $149 $99/month

Daily Gold Forecast Alerts
Daily Silver Forecast Alerts
50 to 60 Signals per month
Monthly Gold Analysis
Basic Support by Email
Forecast in US & Europe Sessions
Extra Short Term Forecast
Signals on Website
Signals send by Email 

$149 $99/ Per month

Daily Gold Forecast Alerts
Daily Silver Forecast Alerts
50 to 60 Signals per month
Monthly Gold Analysis
Priority Support by Email
Forecast in US & Europe Sessions
Extra Short Term Forecast
Signals send by Email
Signals send by SMS 

$199 $149/ Per month

There’s no difference in either of the 3 packages offered by Forex Gold Alerts. However, it appears that for $29 per week, traders can test the quality of these signals.

We also assume that take profit, stop loss, entry and other details are provided alongside the signals each time they’re sent.

Pricing is not out of the ordinary though. However, we would like to see what trading performance is like before we can reach out to our wallets.

Trading results

Site does not provide third party verified trading results except their very own trading results.

It’s difficult to believe that ForexGoldAlerts is transparent in the manner in which they provide their trading results.

To exercise maximum transparency and also to convince potential customers, one would expect the signal vendor to make use of a statement sharing platform like

It’s free and this should not cost them anything part from the time they use to hook up their broker with their account.

Customer feedback

There’s a healthy mix of positive and negative feedback from clients who have allegedly used the services of Forex Gold Alerts.

The positive reviews of ForexGoldAlerts are brief while the negative ones are wordy. This could mean that the positive reviews are fabricated.

This is mostly the case, although we have no way of justifying our claim at this point. It is just based on our observation over the years.


While the website is straight forward and professional to some extent, we still believe that Forex Gold Alerts needs to work on certain things to appear legit before the customers they target.

We don’t expect traders to believe their trading results as these can be easily fabricated. We need to see more transparency in terms of their trading background.

We find it hard recommending them at this point in time. Of course we welcome your feedback regarding this trading service.

Thanks for reading this Forex Gold Alerts review.

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