Forex Blade LLC Review: (Trading University and Algos) The Best

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Forex Blade LLC is a website that would like to provide the community with learning materials, signals and PAMM accounts.

Currently, they provide trading education for $1 while participation in their PAMM account requires a minimum deposit of $1,000.

On their website, they say that Forex Blade is the future of Forex trading. They immediately make it clear that their business is to provide trading education, Algo and access to a discord community.

What’s so intriguing about this service is the cost of their training. It’s almost too good to believe, which is why we should consider looking into the team’s knowledge of the markets as well as their experience with live accounts.

Our review will look into the various aspects of this service with the possibility of including them in our list of recommended trading products and services.

Forex Blade LLC Review

First of all, this vendor is promoting their affordable trading education from two domains. There’s and

They tell us that their company was established in 2019, and they have a combined experience of 20+ years.

The sales page is written in the usual marketing jargon, but this is not a big deal if the vendor will prove that the knowledge they provide to students is valuable.

The company is operated by Androw Narouz and a team of other guys called Waqas Zafar, Martin Contreras and Dylan Draxten.

Now, here’s the interesting part:

According to the “about us page”, Androw’s profile says he is an Egyptian who started demo trading in 2015, then turned $2K to $80K in 2017.

He does not tell us at what point he shifted to “live trading” but thankfully, Mr. Androw has at least produced his verifiable trading performance (more about this later).

Forex Blade website Overview and products

Now, their website is professionally done, and everything is crystal clear.

I’m focused on their trading algorithm which they say was programmed by the best developers.

While details of this algorithm is not readily available on the vendor’s sales page, clicking the algorithm link takes us to their PAMM service page.

It appears that their PAMM accounts are taking signals from this very algorithm.

That said, the community would have appreciated it if they provided a brief description of how their algorithm works.

Trading Strategy

The Forexblade university page provides a list of topics to be covered but no disclosure of strategies used.

This also applies to the Forex algo and signals page where the vendor is only providing details in a few lines.

While this is not an ideal way of communicating with traders, it’s important to understand that some vendors are over-protective about their strategy and without a valid patent, they are aware that the risk of stealing strategy information is actually a reality.

Does Androw Narouz trade live?

Much of the focus on the Forex Blade website is on trading products and services offered by Narouz.

In such a scenario, we do not expect vendors to bring up the topic of trading performance unless requested to do so.

And only honest trading educators have a trading performance to showcase.

So if it’s indeed true that Androw Narouz of Forex Blade LLC is an experienced trader and his team is also doing a good job, he should not be too scared to prove a point.

One thing about myfxbook is that it will always pull this data from your broker even if the trading happened 10 years ago.

Then we can see it in nice visual charts and analyze in details before we make any decisions.

It is for this reason that I confronted the owner of ForexBlade and asked for their trading performance even if it’s a 6 month trading sample.

Thankfully, Mr. Narouz Androw is one of those guys who cooperate. They have a live trading account and a verified myfxbook profile. He is not a marketer like we had assumed earlier.

You can clearly see that this PAMM account (with the myfxbook profile of his company) is displaying impressive trading results that every other investor wants.

Monthly return is currently at 8.26% while drawdown is just 16.12%.

This is acceptable by all standards considering that some PAMM account managers have drawdowns in excess of 50%, and they mostly churn and burn their customers’ accounts.

The Conclusion

With such steady performance, I feel compelled to recommend products and services.

Their success record is impressive, and their trading education is affordable to the community regardless of their students’ financial background.

PS: I asked Androw Narouz why his training is costing $1 and he said he was in this industry to change it and not for the money. After a lengthy interview, I was persuaded especially after seeing that they are doing very good work in their customers PAMM account.

I also invite you guys to drop your comments because am sure feedback will always be positive even if there is criticism here and there.

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  1. Do you want to submit a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad trading service providers..
  2. Androw Narouz

    On behalf of the Forex Blade team. This review is not accurate. Our course is $1. We trade live and we have over $100K student profits this year alone. We requested you take down the inaccurate review but was asked to Pay $2,000 to take down the review? Now who’s the fraud. We have a free discord you can dissect and ask every client how they feel about Forex Blade. This is not a reputable forex review if you don’t actually do your due diligence on the company.

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