Forex Blade LLC Review: Androw Narouz’s Scam

Forex Blade LLC is a vendor of Forex EA 2020, signals, coaching and managed accounts.

Finding a professionally managed account with steady returns is the hardest part of investing but thankfully, our review will look into the various aspects of this service to see how well they qualify.

Through the domain, the vendor has setup shop to promote his services but of course the salespage is written in the usual marketing jargon, which makes me think twice before I can include this sort of service in our list of recommended products.

For example, the company promises to deliver services that are thoughtfully-designed and professionally done in addition to offering good after-sales support.

Forex Blade believes they’re transparent and authentic. For that reason, they want to enhance our trading skills incredibly fast through reliable strategy, 1-on-1 calls and zero fluff.

Forex Blade review

The service is operated by Androw Narouz and a team of other guys called Waqas Zafar, Martin Contreras and Dylan Draxten.

They proclaim to have some sort of Forex trading experience, thanks to ForexBlade absorbing them to work for Androw Narouz .

According to the “about us page”, Androw’s profile says he is an Egyptian who started demo trading in 2015, then turned $2K to $80K in 2017.

He does not tell us at what point he shifted to “live trading” and whether he can produce a verifiable broker statement highlighting the same.

In fact, such claims are very rampant in the Forex marketplace, so it’s imperative that we scrutinize this dude’s background to determine whether the products and services are of value.

Forex Blade LLC Review

At first I thought this website was selling luxurious watches due to the black theme which they use to create the illusion of luxury.

Quickly I realized they were selling Forex products and services where 30 days “premium signals” goes for $100 and managed accounts charged $500 upfront with no performance fee in the first 30 days.

The products that this vendor sells don’t come with a cheap price tag except their Forex signals which are reasonably priced at $100 monthly.

The Forexblade University charges $250 for a trading course referred to as the “number 1 education program that changes our trading game“.

On the other hand, the Forex Blade EA comes with 14 days free trial where contents of the product will include easy installation, demo and live license, set files and an exclusive Discord group.

ForexBlade University provides 30 minute 1-on-1 coaching through Google hangouts and Mr. Androw promises to deliver fluff-free trading course with a certificate award at the end of the day.

This is certainly an interesting concept because we can’t tell under what conditions this certification is awarded.

Is it awarded to everyone who pays $250 for the course or people who demonstrate a consistent ability to gain a return from trading?

Trading Strategy

The Forexblade university page provides a list of topics to be covered but no disclosure of strategies used.

This also applies to the Forex EA page where the vendor is only providing details in a few lines and hoping that traders can sign up for free trial.

This is a concept used to get leads who ultimately turn into buyers.

I can easily fit the pieces of puzzles together, thanks to Mr. Androw confessing that he is a marketer.

All in all, I’m disappointed at the fact that Forex Blade does not provide strategy insights anywhere on the sales page.

Does Androw Narouz trade live?

Much of the focus is on trading products and services offered by Narouz.

In such a scenario, we do not expect vendors to bring up the topic of trading performance.

If it’s true that Androw Narouz of Forex Blade LLC is an experienced trader who turned 2k into 80k, he should be proudly displaying his broker statement or at least a link to his myfxbook account.

One thing about myfxbook is that it will always pull this data from your broker even if the trading happened 10 years ago.

Then we can see it in nice visual charts and analyze in details.

Unfortunately my research fails to yield results because Androw does not have an active broker account with live trading activities.

This is a huge disappointment and we hope he will include this now going forward in order to compete fairly.

TrustPilot reviews of Forex Blade

I find reviews on Trustpilot too good to be true and to some extent doggy.

This is because TrustPilot is a reputation management website that doesn’t care about customers of trading products as long as their pockets are aligned for a few pennies.

In exchange, doggy vendors flood the platform with fraudulently produced reviews that endorse their products.

At this point, you know where this is heading.


I find zero compelling reasons to recommend products and services.

It is crystal clear that these guys have no prior success record of trading Forex so they can use it to back their marketing.

As it currently stands, Androw Narouz is just using empty words and collecting hundreds of dollars from naïve Forex students.

Thanks for reading. Until next time!

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