Forex Auto Millions EA Review: It’s a Scam

Forex Auto Millions EA targets traders who want to spend less than $100 on a Forex robot. The vendor’s website can be found at, and we’re looking to review this EA for traders who are contemplating to buy a copy.

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The vendor is advertising that the Forex Auto Millions EA has made $46,125,309 in the last 8 years of back testing, and they believe these results can be repeated.

The price of a copy is a one-time payment of $99. Now the real question is why the developer is selling a copy for such a small amount of money.

If indeed the Forex Auto Millions robot is generating huge returns as stated in the sales copy, this Forex robot should be well worth above $2,000.

Anyways, we’re reviewing this robot to see whether it can trade and give results as claimed by the developer. But first of all, the vendor is not known and I have no idea where they’re based at.

They’ve refused to disclose their physical location. What they dwell on for the better part of the sales page is the supposed trading results generated by this Forex robot through a broker called FXOpen Investments Inc.

Forex Auto Millions EA review

The landing page looks like it was done in the early 2000s. The developer is advertising a 99% win rate and showing traders an example of where Forex auto million EA made $46,125,309 out of a $1,000 deposit.

The vendor is also showing us a trading statement from a demo account and they’re actually admitting that this is a demo account.

I prefer vendors or developers who put their monies where their mouth is. So that means a vendor who trades a real account with his trading system or strategy is the one to be trusted.

In addition to this, the vendor of this automated trading robot wants the trading community to believe that a 60 day money back guarantee will cover all purchases.

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Because of how the landing page has been done, it is easy to conclude that this Forex robot was around as early as 2017 and so I expect to see countless reviews or at least feedback from traders who have used it before.

I’ve reviewed a lot of Forex robots here but have not seen this style of promotion unless I’m reviewing sites that have been around for nearly a decade. Some of the reviews I did include Automated Forex Trader robot, Elite Forex Trader EA, Dragon Expert EA etc.

Forex Auto Millions EA Trading strategy

There’s no explanation of the type of trading strategy in question. I wonder whether this developer knows that professional traders like us need such details before they can recommend or at least understand how the system works.

They’re only saying that this Forex robot works on historical data but no further explanation on what strategy is being used.

With zero disclosure of this, I cannot discuss my opinion regarding the trading strategy but at the end of the day, client feedback and trading results will help us know where to start.

Breakdown and analysis of the EA

It’s important to understand the following:

  • It is optimized for EURUSD
  • It trades the 1 min time frame
  • Vendor claims this Forex EA has 99% win rate
  • Price of a license is $99 (subject to a 60 day money back guarantee)

Trading performance

They’re showing us screenshots of their previous performance but there’s a caveat that past performance is not indicative of future performance.

The 99% win rate cannot be verified or substantiated either. They initially opened a myfxbook account but it seems that this account crashed after gaining +1000%.

I’ve clicked the link that is supposedly leading to their myfxbook account but didn’t find anything. Instead, it leads to a screenshot image of trading performance which has been uploaded on the website.

In short, the vendor is not willing to demonstrate the performance of this Forex robot simply because it’s a poor performer.

Customer reviews or feedback

There are no real Forex Auto Millions EA reviews on the internet except on the vendor’s sales page where they’re trying to cheat us with fake email screenshots.

The supposed customer testimonials cannot be authenticated at all. So in other words, we are asking you guys to comment below this article or start a conversation around this EA.


It would be hard to recommend the Forex Auto Millions EA because of the reasons stated above. There’s no transparency at all and it also appears that the vendor is focused on selling than talking about the strategy and proving the income figures which are being thrown around.

If you would like to comment, please do so. Otherwise thanks for reading the Forex Auto Millions EA review.

3 Responses to “Forex Auto Millions EA Review: It’s a Scam”

    1. Really? Good luck but we have to let others know that you’re either an affiliate or the owner of that product.

  1. tt says:

    When I try to test EA first I try is to run it on live domo account. Then I try to find out what the entry points are.
    I have it one day on. All entries are at the begining of the minute on M1- seconds are always :00 or 01. It does short positions only (running on 16 currency pairs at same time on my demo) Default settings are TP is 5 pips and SL 300. Looks as it opens positions in the middle of the range- so its more likely that it will hit TP reather then SL, but not checked entries yet against indicators. Overnight European time it did ab 20 dollars entering 0.01 lot on 1000 account, in the morning it started opening positions at red going down to -40. But I incriesed TP factor. Today will try it on more default settings.

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