Forbes Capital Partners Review: 6 Reasons why is a Scam

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Forbes Capital Partners peddles a number of financial and investment services on its website. The domain was created in February 2020 and it claims to offer services such as wealth management, investment advisory, tax savings, basic investment plans and brokerage solutions. In addition to this, the platform claims that they’re a CFDs broker dealing with Forex and Cryptocurrencies trading.

Problem is that Forbes Capital Partners cannot be trusted and everything about their site is a white lie. The platform is a souped-up version of a basic high yield investment scam and we have very good reasons as to why we say so.

If you’re a victim of this elaborate investment scam that seeks to primarily steal your Cryptocurrencies, you need to speak with a money recovery expert. A free consultation would be in order regarding this case since Forbes Capital Partners is an intricate scam that has been running for a couple of years undetected thus far.

6 Reasons why is a scam

These are 6 solid reasons why you should never trust Forbes Capital Partners with your funds.

Huge deposit and unrealistic returns

The website asks for $5,000 investment in the trial account and after 14 days, the scammers will ask you to upgrade your account by depositing more money. This upgrade is mandatory (as suggested on the sales page). They offer various investment plans and most notably is the so-called Non-farm payroll investment package which promises 110% in 72 hours and the success rate is more than 85%.

This is clearly a scam because there is not trading or investing in the money markets that can generate such returns in a short period of time. Also, this scam is looking to steal a lot of money very quickly. The 14 day period is to give the scammers more time to play with human greed by posting fake profits and asking their victims to deposit more money in order to earn more profit.

Forbes Capital Partners using Forbes magazine brand to defraud investors

There’s no relationship between this company and Forbes magazine. As a matter of fact, Forbes Capital Partners is just using the image of this brand in order to confuse investors or make people believe that they are a company or brand of Forbes Magazine. This is to achieve some sort of credibility and make the scam very effective.

Suspicious membership team with a dirty past

The scammers who run Forbes Capital Partners are very intelligent. They don’t shy away from creating a section on their website where they can introduce their team members. Well, the CEO is allegedly called Anthony Dubois. There is only one reference to this Anthony Dubois on a website called We were not able to sign in and look at the details much deeper.

Only one reference to this supposed CEO and no other mentions anywhere on the web. This is suspicious. In addition to this, majority of the so-called members of the team have non existent profiles. They can’t be traced. They are just stock photos.

No past track record

Forbes Capital Partners does not have a track record of generating the said profits and paying investors as alleged on their website. Despite claiming that they will ‘grow your investment wealth’, this company has not demonstrated any track record that would make investors trust their word.

No consumer reviews for Forbes Capital Partners

Despite being an intricate and smart Crypto investment scam, these guys have not invested in any reviews or marketing campaigns. We’re only interested in real consumer reviews about this company but guess what? There is nobody who has ever shared their experience with this platform. So this is clearly not a ‘hedge fund’ that you want to trust.

Investor alert by a financial regulator

The domain has been flagged by the BS Securities Commission as a high risk company and broker. The securities regulator has pointed out that this company or website is not legally allowed to target investors with their bogus investment plans.

Conclusion of the Forbes Capital Partners review

A broker offering Cryptocurrency CFDs and at the same time investing on their platform on your behalf is just unheard of. The scammers interest is in stealing your funds. How can a broker assist you make money from their platform? This sounds too good to be true considering that CFDs brokers typically scam people to make money. These ones are no different.

Thanks for reading the review. If you have transferred your funds to this illegal broker, please read this.

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