Follow me Trades by Dean Jenkins (Review): Is it Scam?

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Follow Me Trades is a stock picking service and a one-on-one mentorship with Dean Jenkins.

Follow Me Trades is expensive to enroll with, so paying attention to this review is really necessary.

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That said, the vendor is peddling a number of trading courses and also claiming that he trades on a live account.

The service also proclaims that the vendor is transparent with his trades and his performance is 3rd party verified by an audit firm called Mc Swain and Company.

The kind of products that students can purchase from this trading school list of courses include:

  1. Master Trader Course……. $497
  2. Stock Options Basic course……$497
  3. Ichimoku Cloud and Elliott wave….$249
  4. Stock picking service costing $97 per month

Kindly note: Follow me Trades is asking students to pay a high price to be taught technical concepts like Fibonacci and Elliott wave.

These concepts are not known to help in the marking of good traders.

I have never met or heard of any successful professional trader who used these two concepts to beat the market.

In fact, what you will find on the internet is a bunch of creepy salespeople trying to talk you into believing Fibonacci and Elliott strategies work.

The truth is that they are mystical in nature and have no scientific backing that can quantify their success and abilities.

And a training bootcamp that is supposed to start in November 2021 will cost you a whopping $2,497.

Students who are interested can sign up anytime before the stated commencement date.

In short, the owner of Follow Me Trades is claiming to trade on a live account, using disciplined, systematic approach that minimizes losses while maximizing on returns.

Risk management tools are also in the offing, and Mr. Dean Jenkins would like you to “follow along with his trades”.

Follow Me Trades Review: Who is Dean Jenkins?

A quick background search suggests that this guy spent 2 decades working at NEC and at the University of Washington (Intel Corp).

In 2006, Mr. Dean Jenkins went into pastoral service.

It’s quite interesting that this guy made an abrupt switch from his 20 year carrier to “serve the Lord” and trade stocks at the same time.

Keep in mind that this industry of trading and selling trading products is full of all sorts of trading educators.

Some are honest but majority are not. Those who appear honest use all sorts of tricks to lure their victims and make money out of them.

This one religious trick (of following Jesus) is a favorite among the doggy promoters of bogus trading courses.

Am I saying Dean Jenkins is lying about his ministerial service?

No, his profile actually appears on this church’s website (

Is Dean Jenkins really a successful trader?

It’s one thing to be a Minister of God and quite another to be a faithful person that is transparent and trustworthy.

For those who are of a different faith and are reading this Follow me Trades review, questions and doubts may arise as to why trust or not to trust Dean.

Well, he claims that he stopped auditing his performance record in 2019 because it was too expensive.

While auditing with a third party was a good move and one that inspires confidence on this service, I find that the reason he gives for not verifying his trades from 2019 onwards is sort of lame.

Seeing that Follow me Trades is an expensive service and at one point, Dean declared that he traded with an account balance of $100,000, one could conclude that the cost of auditing trading performance to win the trust of skeptics should have never been a big concern after all.

The website of Follow me trades is also salesly in nature.

Mr. Dean is flaunting a review of Emmett Moore on his website where he allegedly got a positive endorsement for selling trading courses that work.

I read that review and at one point, Emmett Moore was indirectly confessing that he is promoting the service for financial gains.

In short, I would like to see an updated and verifiable performance record of Dean Jenkins current trades.

If third party auditing firms are “too expensive”, he can use free statement sharing services like myfxbook.

It will not cost a dime and at the same time, it will build him the credibility that he badly needs.

The Conclusion

I feel that Follow me trades is over exaggerating the cost of trading education.

Some of the things that Mr. Dean teaches are found on the internet for free, hence this cost is unwarranted for.

Other that the performance verification part where I requested Dean to find a way of verifying his latest trading results, I can say that the website is fairly professional, albeit salesy.

At this point, the decision is yours to make. I won’t tell you to sign up or not to sign up.

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