FMIND Order Flow Trading Software Review: Scam Trading Indicator?

Welcome to the FMIND order flow trading software review. FMIND trading software are offered by

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This vendor offers3 product in total. These are known as FMIND order flow trading, FMIND order flow software (professional) and FMIND5 order flow indicator.

These trading products are designed for Ninja Trader and MT5 platforms only. is claiming that their products are “Your solution for financial freedom”.

This statement obviously invokes a sense of disbelief.

It’s a typical scenario of a software vendor touting “magical trading indicators” while promising the increasingly elusive financial freedom.

According to, FMIND order flow trading software are simple to understand and intuitive trading products.

FMIND review professional order flow trading software order flow analytics

They’re allegedly developed with the ultimate goal of letting day traders and intra-day traders build their strategies in Forex and Futures markets.

Their FMIND order flow trading indicator is a “unique order flow footprint detection algorithm” extracting market information which cannot be viewed in the DOM and Time&sales”.

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FMIND professional detects hidden volume in the order book. It is alleged that this information can’t be found in market data.

FMIND5 order flow indicator is described as a professional trading indicator for technical analysis. It is designed for NinjaTrader 7 platform.

Pricing has not been disclosed.

Nevertheless, the vendor wants Futures and Forex traders to believe that they can attain the “ultimate financial freedom” using their products.

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FMIND Order Flow Trading Software Review

FMIND Order Flow Trading products are promoted as trading software that can generally detect and track the “footprints of large financial institutions’ trade volumes.

The vendor does not wish to disclose their identity. We treat this as a red flag.

In addition to this, the fine print appearing on the footer of the website indicates that none of their trading software have been used on a live trading account.

All results are hypothetical and trading is done on a simulator. This basically means that the owner of has never put his money where his mouth is.

If they cannot use their own trading software to attain this “financial freedom”, do you think purchasing a license for one of their products will make you attain the imaginary status?

We tried investigating the company using the following social media pages:



However, we were not able to succeed in getting any meaningful information.

The anonymous vendor has not disclosed their trading activities or software development experience either. provides a description of how their order flow indicator is supposed to work.

They occasionally publish materials on their blogging section to demonstrate the working of their trading software.

There are many vendors providing magical order flow analysis software and pricing them to the tune of thousands of dollars.

FMIND is not disclosing their pricing at all. Their FAQ page is equally not helpful.

With this lack of transparency, we feel that this vendor is not professional either.

Before we close this review, we’d like to talk about the fine print at the footer of website.

Things look really interesting here.

FMIND trading performance

According to FMIND, their Live trading room was created for educational purposes and no live trading is taking place at all.

On the other hand, we know that a good live trading room must be moderated by real professional traders who trade live accounts and not simulators.

We know that this kind of presentation is lazy and irresponsible.

Traders in the beginning and intermediate stages want to learn from someone who trades in a live market.

A chat room moderator must have professional market experience.

FMIND confesses that they don’t have this kind of experience.

They are essentially telling their audience that they know how to develop trading software which has never been tested on a live account.

Do you want to buy such a trading software?

We doubt if you can be this naive.

The bottom line is that FMIND is not providing any real trading solutions.

We would like them to test their trading tools before selling them to the market.

FMIND Reviews: are products positively reviewed?

There’s no feedback regarding products offered by

We anticipated this very much because a vendor who cannot demonstrate their prowess on a live account is definitely a cheat.

With zero trading performance and reviews to back up their products, one can’t spend a dime on any of these order flow trading software.

We hope that you’ll use this FMIND review to create a conversation around their products and hopefully provide insights not covered in this review.


This vendor does not appear to know what they’re doing.

They are offering order flow indicators which are obviously not free to buy. At the same time, they’re not disclosing pricing.

We doubt whether they have good support on their website.

FMIND has integrated a Skype function on their website but clicking it opens the Skype function and nothing more. We can’t speak with anyone for it leads to nowhere.

And of course lack of trading results is a concern.

FMIND order flow trading software are not worth whatever price the vendor wants to sell them for.

Thanks for reading this FMIND review.

We repeat, their website can be found at and they offer 3 different order flow trading software.

We don’t see ourselves recommending these trading products just yet.

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