Fluent Forex Academy Review: Scam or Legit?

Fluent Forex, LLC from Holualoa, Hawai runs Fluent Forex Academy.

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The trading school is offering Forex market A-Z, a “unique strategy” for compounding money, access to a private traderoom and lifetime trade ideas from an “experienced trade educator via Telegram“.

The cost of the company’s live trading room is $495.

Fluent Forex Academy is also selling their 55 lessons on trading for $1,275.

Last but not least, the service is peddling 1 mentorship lesson for $2,875.

But 1 mentorship lesson won’t make you a perfect trader. If you can afford to pay $2,875, you can definitely generate consistent returns by investing with a fund manager since training will not guarantee success.

Your success is directly tied to the level of experience that your educator has and your willingness to go through the learning curve.

If he has a verifiable track record of trading success, this will be good. If he does not have any track record and you are subscribing based on hope and promises, you will be scammed.

The sales page of this company also claims students will receive funding of between $10,000-$100,000.

It’s not known who the trading educator is, their level of experience or track record for trading.

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So before you give them your $2,875, it’s important that you hear what we have to say concerning this vendor.

Fluent Forex Academy review

It’s definitely expensive, and keep in mind the company issues zero refunds and has no verifiable track record of trading whatsoever.

The website contains a few texts illustrating what type of service they offer including a section where they showcase Trustpilot reviews.

The vendor does not disclose their strategy for compounding money, but they still want students to pay hundreds of dollars to get this “strategy”.

There is no free trial for this service either. So we actually can’t test and see the quality of education which the vendor is selling.

This is definitely an interesting website. Even details of their funding is not clear.

It appears that this “funding program” is meant to encourage students to enroll because technically, we do not see an option to “get funded” without having purchased any of the expensive Forex trading courses.

Trading Performance

How do we know that this service is selling the idea based on hope and promises?

Because there is zero trading performance to justify the price tag of these Forex trading courses.

Since the anonymous owner of Fluent Forex Academy is not offering any free trials, we can conclude that they’re only relying on promises to make you buy their product.

Trading educators that lack transparency don’t provide any authentic reasons why they believe we should purchase their course.

In fact, if they cannot prove that they are professional traders (by simply documenting their results on myfxbook), then it’s best to avoid them altogether.

Is Fluent Forex Academy Legit or Scam?

By now, we should be aware that Fluent Forex Academy brings nothing on the table other than promises.

The company has also invested in Trustpilot reputation management service which is merely a fraudulent platform.

You can read sections of this article to understand their game and how they contribute towards internet fraud.


The vendor has failed to provide valid reasons why they believe their course is worth thousands of dollars.

It seems that their tactic is focused on persuading traders through the alleged trader funding program.

Again, these sort of programs are a scam in the sense that companies don’t actually fund traders but take subscription fees in the name of enrolling them for a trading combine.

In the end, Fluent Forex Academy will turn out to be the worst scam you will ever see in these streets.

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