FinuTrade Broker Review: Pathetic Scam

In this FinuTrade review, we will prove to you that the broker is a scam and you should not engage with them in any shape or form.

However, if the broker has already scammed you, there is always a recourse. Go to THIS PAGE and apply for chargeback because if you try to withdraw your money directly from the broker’s platform, they will not give it to you.

Is FinuTrade a legit broker?

This broker is trying to lure traders by advertising the age of decentralized finance. So they offer a trading platform that requires a minimum deposit of $5,000.

Immediately we saw this, we knew that FinuTrade is not legit. That minimum deposit is high especially when you consider that the broker is operating from an offshore location of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

What is more, this broker does not have a valid license. They are not authorized to provide any kind of financial services.

But as you can see, the website is soliciting investment from consumers and promising them an easy time trading on the platform.

Unfortunately, these benefits can only be found on a regulated broker’s platform, not a broker that does not have a valid license.

Based on this fact, we conclude that FinuTrade is like FXcentrum. They are both unreliable brokers that use an offshore location to hide their wrong doings.

Are your funds safe with this broker?

FinuTrade cannot keep your funds safe because they lack the authorization to even provide you with a trading platform in the first place.

When you transfer funds to them, the risk of scamming you will be very high. They don’t follow regulations that govern professional Forex and CFDs brokerage platforms.

They are not responsible for the safety of your funds because it is usually the regulated brokers that keep their clients’ funds in segregated accounts.

Even if they steal from you, you will not have an office to report to because nobody has licensed them to provide this financial service.

FinuTrade Review: The Conclusion

This broker is a high risk. They will take you in circles when it comes to getting your money out of their platform.

To save yourself the heartache, it is better to avoid such brokers at all cost. But if they have already scammed you, it is not too late as you can RECOVER YOUR FUNDS HERE ASAP.