Are you looking for Finance PR for your company?

TopedgeFX Media Services can provide you with PR and marketing services. We work with a team of financial PR and marketing specialists to promote your company’s new products to the public. We have excellent contacts with the biggest finance news sites, media outlets and journalists in the industry.

Why you need our marketing services

Our Financial PR services provide a number of benefits including promoting new product launches, industry buzz, interviews, marketing campaigns, influencer campaigns and more.

Instead of prepping your marketing team, we can take care of all of your PR needs with the marketing budget that you can supply us with. Our marketing team will then outline a step-by-step marketing plan tailored around your KPIs, timeframe and budget. We’ll take care of the rest.

What marketing services we offer

  • We Publish PRs about your company and new products
  • We publish reviews about your company and products
  • Raise awareness on the biggest finance news and media outlets
  • Media & Journalist Outreach
  • Social Media Influencer campaigns
  • Generate targeted traffic to your project
  • Arrange interviews with CEO and company co-founders to promote your company
  • Reputation management on forums like TrustPilot, FPA and others

How to Get Started?

You can immediately start your finance PR campaigns by getting in touch with our account managers now. They’ll get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your campaign requirements.

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