Fieri Capital Review: Typical Crypto Scam (

Fieri Capital ( is a Cryptocurrency investment scam that promises growth of Crypto assets under a “special type of protection”. Because we already determine that this site is fraudulent in general, we can’t include it in our list of the most recommended trading and investment sites as this would ruin our reputation.

Actually, this particular investment scam is a copycat of an American-registered financial advisory firm called

Fieri Capital is also a very new website as it was created in November 2011. In a bid to convince unsuspecting victims, the site claims that they have analysts who make forecasts that generate profits for their clients on a consistent basis.

They also claim that the company is using AI technology to measure price action of particular assets in real time.

Their clients are supposedly going to make consistent returns on a monthly basis, even in the most volatile markets.

Fieri Capital ( Review: Behind the scenes

Fieri Capital is operated by a bunch of racoons hiding behind a cashcow, and committing the crime of fraud. However, I must admit that their sales language is top-notch.

The scammers say they have a team a trade analysts who have worked for fortune 500 companies, hedge funds, Ivy league institutions and emerging IT hubs.

The liars also claim that their OTC desk has partnered with big Crypto exchanges like Kraken nd Binance for purposes of obtaining insider information that even big banks don’t have access to.

Ultimately, they want unsuspecting investors to think that FieriCapital is a team of experienced analysts who will help their customers achieve some form of financial freedom.

These lies are very convincing. In fact, the site even has a jobs section where they currently have an “opening” for a rider.

This is ridiculous because we don’t expect scammers to ride but rather they should be in office sending emails back and forth, courting victims.

Fieri Capital is not a licensed company or website

The website is not registered under the name of any company. It seems the idea is to confuse victims by making them believe that the site is operated by the same people who run

These two sites are not related in any way. In fact, the scam that we are reviewing is not licensed by any financial regulator.

The website has also kept the location of the operators under wraps. No physical address or phone number has been provided. They only have one email address, which is quite suspicious because a serious company should have at least 3 different emails for their different departments.

We tried sending a message to the email which is listed on the scam site ([email protected]) but the message bounced on us, which suggests that the email is not even working.

What to do if you’ve been scammed by Fieri Capital

These guys intend to steal huge amounts of money just like another scam known as Trader House (which demands $10,000 from victims).

If they scammed you, you should file for chargeback using the form in the beginning of this review or the live chat. Talking with professionals is free of charge and you’re under no obligation whatsoever.

If your case is strong, the professional agency will help you recover your lost money.

The Conclusion

Fieri Capital is run by serial scammers who won’t show any mercies to the financially-helpless.

That said, the best way to have peace of mind is to invest in trading and investing services that have been recommended by us and the community of traders who know their way in and out of these streets.

Also, if you’ve been scammed by FieriCapital or you had a bad experience, please drop your comments below.