FiboFix Review: Unregulated Broker

In this review, we will prove that FiboFix is a shady broker that you must avoid at all cost.

However, if FiboFix has already stolen your deposit, the best way to RECOVER what you’ve lost is to request a chargeback here.

Is FiboFix a legit broker?

After investigating the details of FiboFix, we have come to the conclusion that the broker is not legitimate.

We start with the regulatory status of this broker. They claim that the entity is a bank holding company operated out of Luxembourg.

Unfortunately, this broker does not have a valid license from The Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF).

As a result, this broker cannot be trusted since they operate like a typical scam. The broker cannot guarantee any form of reliability.

They can be here today but gone tomorrow. Nothing is holding this company from scamming you.

Because FiboFx is unregulated and anauthorized to provide financial services, there is no guarantee that they’ll adhere to the industry’s best standards.

Usually financial regulators have laws and regulations that govern the industry players like Forex brokers. When a broker is offering its services within a regulated jurisdiction without a license, then it usually means the broker is shady.

It usually means the broker is intending to commit fraud. This is exactly what FiboFix is doing.

Are funds safe with FiboFix broker?

No, your funds cannot be safe in the hands of this broker. When we look at their mode of operation, we realize that this broker is also offering ‘investment plans’ which is quite unusual.

The supposed investment plans have an expiry duration of between 1 and 90 days.

The lie is that FiboFix is trading the financial markets on their platform to generate returns for their clients.

This is a trick that most shady brokers use to lure the victim into investing more money. Currently the website is asking a minimum deposit of $250.

If they are to trade on your behalf, then the broker will somehow ask you to deposit more money ‘to make more profit’. This is a clever way to steal more money.

Meanwhile, those who chose to trade for themselves will steal lose their $250 because a broker like FiboFix is definately a bucket shop.

The Conclusion

You should never trade or invest in an unregulated broker’s platform. You should never trade with a broker that has not built any reviews or reputation.

Having said that, we urge you to avoid them at all cost. If they have stolen your money, GET YOUR MONEY BACK ASAP.