FBM Expert Review: 5 Reasons fbmexpert.com.au is a Scam

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FBM Expert sells an automated Forex trading software at fbmexpert.com.au. The company says it’s based in Australia and their software is currently being used by 1000+ active customers. Furthermore, FBM Expert says it’s software has a dynamic trading algorithm, stop loss and works in both rising and falling markets. It is not possible to wipe out an account with their software. This seems to be the suggestion on their sales page.

Well, we’ve heard stories of many people who have lost thousands of dollars from FBM Expert software after they were suckered in with a highly experienced telephone and sales operator working for FBM Expert. Our concern is that there many be many more victims out there who have chosen to suffer in silence out of resentment. If you’ve found yourself in this situation and you lost money as a result, here’s your chance to schedule a free consultation with a money recovery expert on the matter.

5 Reasons why FBM Expert is a scam

This automated trading software has a ‘free trial’ but there’s a catch. Scammers are using the free trial because they know that once it makes a few good trades here and there, their victims would commit thousands of dollars into it believing that FBM Expert is a performer and the answer to their profitable Forex autotrading needs.

Fbmexpert.com.au does not have a track record

Even though the company is inviting its clients to take advantage of the free trial, we would still need to see a track record given that these guys have been developing and maintaining the atutomated trading system since the early 2022. We can confirm here that the website fbmexpert.com was registered in 2022. They should therefore have a sufficient track record and there would never be a need for a trial either.

Pushy sales people running the company FBM Expert

High-pressure sales tactics is the foundation of their sales script. Once you initiate some contact with the persons running FBM Expert, they will return your calls but this time it will be about convincing you why you’re losing out if you don’t use the automated trading software. The investment involved is usually to the tune of thousands of dollars. These pushy salesmen are definitely a red flag. They are so desperate to sell their software and we ask why.

If it’s that profitable why are they not using it?

This is an interesting one. According to FBM Expert website, the software is profitable and consistent. If these guys have created a software that is so profitable, why are they not using it and instead have chosen to beg people to purchase or subscribe to it? This is just another red flag.

FBM Expert poor customer reviews

There are reviews of victims who have used the software who say they lost thousands of dollars. The reputation of this company is terrible but it seems the owners do not care. Scammers never care for their reputation as they can always clean their act by abandoning the website and starting another one. It’s an affair or wash, rinse and repeat!

Disinformation or misleading marketing

FBM Expert has provided some user numbers on their website but do you know that these figures can’t be trusted? For example, the 76.7% win rate for the FBM Expert software is something that even the company itself cannot verify. It’s because of this sort of disinformation that unsuspecting come to believe that they’ve found a Forex Gold mine.

Conclusion of fbmexpert.com.au review

It’s clear that these guys are selling an automated Forex robot that loses money as we have not found any reports of people who are winning with this bogus software. These guys are big time cheats and if you believe their story, you will lose your investment. We implore you to read this guide in the event that you have lost funds to a company like fbmexpert.com.au.

We also ask you to share your experience with investment scams or vendors who sell fake trading robots.

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