Review: Fast Growth an Investment Scam?

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Today’s review is about a purported Crypto trading investing website called

FastGrowth allegedly offers high and stable returns from Crypto trading on various exchanges.

Marketing materials on the website proclaim that Fast Growth has been around since 2013 but our investigations reveal that the website was created in November 2019.

They also claim that is managed by a team of “professional traders”. It’s hard to substantiate these claims because despite our efforts to track down the so-called team of professional traders, our efforts did not bear any fruit. review

Is FastGrowth legit or a scam? We’ll let you know in this unbiased review. review

The website is hosted anonymously and we certainly can’t tell which part of the UK these guys are operating from.

The website of Fast Growth is operating like a HYIP (programs that promise high returns in a short time).

These programs are mostly a scam and we see that FastGrowth is definitely falling into this category of websites.

The website even claims that they can generate 130% returns in 24 hours and up to 250% in 1 day.

These figures are very high and indeed it takes a foolish mind to believe that Fast Growth is legitimate with their figures.

They claim that revenue is generating from trading Cryptocurrencies. They do not want investors to trade on their own because the “team of professional traders’ are trading on their behalf.

Our job is to make a deposit (minimum is $10 ) so it can be multiplied several times within 24 hours.

This sounds too good to be true. We are starting to think that this is a clever form of a pyramid scheme.

FastGrowth Review: why this is a dirty scam not worth your time

First of all, they are operating this site anonymously and they’re also promising unachievable returns.

This is how a silly hyip scam is supposed to run business. They collect as much as they can and fool you as much as they can convince you to keep “investing”.

In the real sense, the money you “invest” with them is not being traded but used to pay earlier “investors”.

This method typically works in an organized ponzi scheme which claims to generate a ROI when the real “trading activities” and revenue is generated from member donations.

Secondly, we don’t see any evidence of Crypto trading on this site. It would have been helpful to provide the data that we need to verify their claims of trading.

This is yet another reason why you’re mostly likely going to lose money to this HYIP scam.


HYIP scams like are not going away anytime soon. They’ve been popular with the recent increase in Crypto popularity.

A typical example of a Crypto scam like Fast Growth is a website called Axelery Group. Axelery Group is still at large and scamming investors with the promise that ROIs will be paid.

Another version of is known as Oxis Group. All of them promise high returns in a short time. They are basically a scam.

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