Falcon-golden.com Review: 12%-17% ROI Scam!

Lost your Money in an online investment scam? There's something you can do!!


Falcon-Golden.com is a website that promise financial freedom to investors.

Falcon Golden website was anonymously registered in November 2019.

The company that operates this website is allegedly registered as Falcon Golden LTD.

Owners of this company are equally anonymous including the location of the supposed company.

Falcon Golden is claiming that they can generate between 12%-17% in daily returns.

falcon golden

These returns are apparently generated from a fintech asset management system that uses AI technology to bring “positive outcome”.

This company does not say what kind of investment they are engaging in.

Nevertheless, they’re associating their activities with the Blockchain network which suggests that the website is accepting payments in Bitcoin only.

Is Falcon-Golden Legit?

No, this company and website is a fraud altogether.

The aim of such websites is to tempt the financially naïve into sending money to the scammer.

The way to achieve this objective is to proclaim too good to be true returns while virtually keeping an anonymous profile.

They make use of Bitcoin as the primary mode of accepting deposits.

This ensures that every money that is deposited into their wallet cannot be traced or returned to the victim.

They also advertise “automatic deposits and withdrawals”.

There can never be an automatic withdrawal process. This promotion gimmick is only used by pyramid scheme fraudsters.

Currently, Falcon-Golden.com is not able to answer the following questions:

  1. Who owns the company?

2. What track record they have

3. What kind of investing activities the company is undertaking

4. Why they are not registered and licensed by any authority as a financial service provider

5. Why we should trust them


The absolute truth is that Falcon-Golden.com is a HYIP scam run by absolute thieves.

Everybody that sends money to the anonymous admin of the website will lose their deposit and without chances of recovering the money.

We’ve said time and again that if people want to invest in the financial markets, they must be traders and users of reliable trading systems and services.

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