Fairfax24.com Review: Forex and Crypto Scam!

Welcome to Fairfax24 review. Fairfax24.com is the domain hosting the operations of Fairfax24 broker.

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Marketing materials on this site claims that FairFax24 is a secure and easy way to trade Forex and Crypto.

They allegedly provide storage facility for Crypto as well. In addition to this, promotion materials encourage investors to deposit large amounts of Bitcoin because they’re allegedly the world’s largest Crypto broker operating in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Kuwait, China including Asia and other European countries.

We doubt the statement that FairFax24 is the largest Crypto broker in the world. There’s no way this can be true.

Also, they list their “team members” on the homepage and the CEO is allegedly called Alex Livingston.

According to FairFax24, Alex Linvingston is the Founder and Director of FairFax24.

However, this LinkedIn profile proclaims that Alex is a Forex trader for 5 years with no recorded losses.

In his LinkedIn profile, Alex also claims to be trading at IQOption and CoinBase respectively. The only thing that makes the profile suspicious is that nowhere did he mention his association with FairFax24, and of course his trading history cannot be verified.

fairfax24 review

It’s most likely the case that this Alex Livingston is the real owner of FairFax24. On the other hand, this website could easily use false information to look legitimate.

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FairFax24 Review

FairFax24 is different from Fair Forex FX. Both are shady nonetheless. provides 3 investment packages. The following tabs highlight information about their account features.

[tabs][tab title=”$200 Basic”]

  • Provide Trade History
  • Assist in trading
  • 2 % bonus
  • 24/5 Free Support

[/tab] [tab title=”$500 Standard”]

  • Provide Trade History
  •  X2 Assist in trading
  • 5 % bonus
  • 24/5 Free Support

[/tab] [tab title=”$5,000 Premium”]

  •  Provide Trade History
  •  X5 Assist in trading
  •  12 % bonus
  •  24/7 Free Support


This information is brief in nature and doesn’t inspire confidence in the type of accounts which they claim to provide. The list is basically a list of vague “features” with some items not providing any meaningful insights.

FairFax24 Review: background details

This broker claims that they’ve employed expert teams from big tech and financial companies like Google, Amazon, Morgan Stanely etc. Unfortunately, we have no way to verify this information.

In fact, nearly all of the team members listed on the FairFax24 website are a stock photo with fake profiles.

These guys basically want to keep receiving your Bitcoins while remaining 100% anonymous.

This is a serious red flag. We discussed these red flags in our review covering an investment scam called TradeQuickOption. This is basically the same thing as Fair Fax 24.

We’re also concerned with this LinkedIn profile owned by another Alex Livingston who lives in California.

According to this profile, Alex is the account manager of a company called IQTradeChain.

Nowhere in this profile did the owner mention starting or working with FairFax24.

Therefore, it looks like the owner of this company is making it difficult for people to track their footprints.

Why FairFax24 is definitely a scam

This mysterious broker is anonymous in many ways. Their founder or team members are anonymous and secondly, they offer Crypto storage facility but the truth is that they intend to rob you than store your Crypto.

Fair Fax 24 is not a well-known Crypto exchange or trading facility. In fact, the reason there are no reviews about the company is because not many people know they even exist.

We encourage Crypto enthusiasts or those who want to trade Crypto to use well-known Crypto exchanges like CoinBase.

And of course these guys are also providing fabricated testimonials on their site. Basically, the owner of this site wrote the testimonials for himself. This is a dishonest way of selling his business.


We don’t think you’ll ever recover your money if you “invest” it on a website like FairFax24.

This website is owned and operated by your regular Bitcoin thief who uses the idea of Bitcoin investment to deceive gullible people. Avoid a typical scam and you’ll be thankful that at least we saved you by writing this review..

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