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GOT SCAMMED by a broker? Fill out this form to schedule FREE consultation with experts who will assist you recover your funds. is the maker of a bunch of Forex automated trading systems known as EA Argo, EA Gator, EA Predictor, EA Sniper and EA Willy.

Each one of these Expertfx Forex robots have been backtested with an initial deposit of $300.

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All of these expert advisors are designed to work in all Forex broker platforms that run MT4 software.

The developer is unknown and so is their location. However, the domain was created in 2012.

It appears they’ve been creating one expert advisor every year.

After looking at the products in details, we’ve established that this review will take a different twist and it’s better to consider getting yourself a good expert advisor from this list of recommended trading products.

Is legit?

We’re looking at all of their Forex expert advisors but are not able to determine what trading strategy is being used in the algorithm.

The only thing we can tell from the sales page is the time frame, currency pairs and optimal leverage.

expertfx review

EA Argo (49.95 Euros) is optimized for the 30 minutes timeframe, same as EA Gator (79.95 Euros).

EA Predictor (49.95 Euros) is optimized for the 15 minutes timeframe, same as EA Sniper (49.95 Euros) and EA Willy (59.95 Euros) respectively.

This is all that Expert FX have told us on their sales page and of course they have also produced a couple of backtests on the homepage.

We don’t believe in backtests since they don’t give us a true picture of how the EAs will perform.

It is better for developers to work with myfxbook for proper auditing of statements and trading results.


We’re quite disappointed at how expertfx is presenting their products.

The sales page is lucking in details and we’re wondering what the vendor was thinking by omitting some of the most important things that traders consider before making purchase decisions.

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