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Expert Fx Online Review: Is a Scam?

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Expert Fx Online is a website that purports to trade currencies and Bitcoin using an “account manager”.

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The minimum deposit that is asking is $500, which is quite suspicious since these websites typically don’t go beyond the $250 mark.

There are 4 “investment plans” in total where free training and trading signals also come handy.

In addition to this, they offer bonuses in each of the “investment plans”, 24/7 customer support and other features that are seemingly attractive to investors.

Expert Fx Online has provided a phone number (+1 (502) 791-5207) and an email for contacting their “support team”.

Somehow we feel that this website is not being 100% honest with their customers.

If you’d like to invest in Forex and Bitcoin trading, we urge you to use products or services that have a good reputation for helping traders make money.

Is Expert Fx Online legit?

The truth is that this website is not trustworthy, which is why the owner is anonymous and what they do is not even clear.

Expert Fx Online review

They pretend to offer brokerage services while at the same time claiming to provide traders with a platform where free signals and training can be provided for self-trading.

On top of this, the platform is not regulated. They need a brokerage license from any of the well-known financial regulators.

And of course the testimonials you see on the website of Expert Fx Online are all fabricated.


You can take it to the bank that this website is a scam. They are actually running a pyramid scheme or a HYIP.

Investors who put their money here will quickly turn into victims of fraud.

You should avoid it at all cost.

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