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This review of ExMarkets Exchange has noted that the Crypto trading platform is responsible for the losses that victims in the Crypto community suffered in the last 2 years.

Heavy activity on the website started in 2018 although the platform was launched back in 2011.

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ExMarkets promotes its brand by proclaiming to be the “World’s number one Crypto crowd funding platform”. Additionally, the website pretends to be helping the Crypto community raise funds for projects.

The company is allegedly offering 3 types of services to the community which include:

1)Listing of coins

2)IEO launchpad

3)Market-making which enables clients to list their token and facilitate trading of tokens

Unfortunately, says one thing and does a totally different thing altogether. Consequently, users of this platform are losing their investment and funds.

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The company is supposedly based out of Lithuania. The website of this broker lists Chain Framework Ltd., B.V.I as the company behind

We’re unable to find details of this company although the website still insists that the Crypto exchange is registered in Estonia.

As a matter of fact, this jurisdiction is a favorite address for Crypto scams. While regulations are there to cub these scams, the perpetrators keep stealing and laundering money because the financial regulator never takes any serious action against these criminals. maintains this Facebook page which is used as a promotion tool for the company’s activities.

A quick look into that page portrays a company that is educating its consumers about matters Crypto investing.

While the content therein seem helpful, the company in question is not interested in safeguarding their clients’ interest and investment.

In fact, ExMarkets Exchange is the subject of many complaints on the internet. Multiple angry clients have reported that they lost money when investing in Crypto tokens that were sold by this website.

While the website seems decent and professional — to the point of easily winning the trust of investors, the truth is that it is run by a group of anonymous individuals who are possibly involved in money crimes behind the scenes.

Is a registered Crypto exchange?

We noted that ExMarkets is not a registered or regulated exchange. The government of Lithuania is very clear on what brokers and any companies offering financial services should do.

The Lithuanian Financial Market Supervision Commission requires that brokers should maintain a specific amount of operating capital at all times.

The regulator has listed a number of requirements which we think Exmarkets was not able to meet, hence the reason for their illegal operations in the country.

In a nutshell, folks who open accounts for purposes of investing are risking their funds by trusting a company that is unlicensed and is run by a group of anonymous owners.

Complaints against and their employees

Typical complaints/red flags against this scam Crypto exchange include the following:

1)Investor buys a Cryptocurrency or token which the exchange will never list in the marketplace despite investor having spent money on the token.

2)Unresponsive admins and support staff. Basically investors will be talking to the wall.

3)The Crypto exchange is accepting deals from scam ICO projects

4)Investors are coerced to invest with the promise that they will ‘double their Crypto’. This is a red flag

5)ExMarkets is the subject of many YouTube videos where content creators have warned investors several times.

6)The exchange sells tokens on behalf of their clients. They also cooperate with other scammers in order to steal money from investors.

The list of ugly things that Exmarkets does is endless. How investors somehow ignore these red flags is something I cannot fathom.

Why this is a dangerous Crypto exchange

With all the complaints floating around on the internet, you can be sure that the operators of this website are crooks who don’t care about your Crypto. The endgoal is to steal your money under the mirage of a Crypto exchange.

In the foreseeable future, those who have already transferred money to these scammers will seek to withdraw all their coins from the platform.

This will create liquidity issues. By the time they realize, maybe it will be too late to intervene.

The platform is actually controlling transactions using bots. The scammers are happy to collect their illegal profits despite complaints against their platform.

Ultimately, these fellas will close down the website and run away with whatever is remaining.

This is how a scam called disappeared into thin air like fat on a windy day.

The most disappointing thing is that these Crypto scams don’t mind about their victim’s financial wellbeing. They do not mind disappearing with your retirement savings.

Wrapping it up

Beware of any adverts that potray this shady Crypto exchange as the best platform for trading or investing in coins. is owned and operated by anonymous people, and there are reports that the CEO is a seasoned scammer.

Most of the coins listed on this illegal platform have very low trading volume and are technically the description of what a pump and dump scheme looks like.

Buying a useless coin from a scammer is not going to give you passive income or financial freedom. You will suffer the opposite.

Exmarkets exchange is just a gateway through which the coin scams thrive. Other than the owners blocking legit accounts and stealing investors’ money at gunpoint, they’re also making profits by charging fees.

These folks are in fact very greedy and merciless. The only way to avoid disappointments and losses is to avoid this unregistered and unregulated exchange.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. They Stole my Funds, about 0.33 LTC – but overall they stole it, and didnt answer to my issue, thinking the case is to small to report it.

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