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Exarbitrage Review: Is a Scam?

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Welcome to the Exarbitrage review. is a site claiming to provide Crypto traders with an opportunity to buy and sell Crypto for profits.

The website, was created in February 2020 according to This means that the site is very new and has not build any reputation yet.

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They are telling investors that the more accounts they have, the faster they can arbitrage. We believe they are encouraging traders to open more than one account.

We’re not sure how this works because the more accounts you have, the harder your work will be in managing them.

In addition to this, we’d love to establish who owns or runs the website. This information has not been disclosed.

Exarbitrage does not disclose their location whatsoever.

Is Exarbitrage a legit Crypto investing platform as claimed in their marketing materials? We doubt them.

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Exarbitrage review

The site is very basic in design and not providing enough information about why we should trust them.

The site’s FAQ page only has 3 items answered.

ExArbitrage review Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies to Get Profit

There is no about us page or section and no address has been provided whatsoever.

So before we can even trust Exarbitrage and the service they claim to offer, we should ask ourselves whether it’s a good idea to trust an anonymously owned website claiming to provide arbitrage investing opportunity.

At this point, even the little trust we had built is beginning to fade away because the more we dig deeper, the more we end up with several unanswered questions.

For example, Exarbitrage claims that they provide arbitrage trading yet we know that arbitrage trading is only possible when a trading bot is used.

Nowhere in their marketing materials have they mentioned anything like this. We’ll be looking at how the whole operation works in order to make the supposed profits for the trader.

The explanation is quite interesting. It says that this is a typical Cryptocurrency trading scam. This is their explanation.

Exarbitrage review: How it’s supposed to work

First off all, this website publishes pricing feed from different exchanges. They recommend buying EOS from exchanges like KuCoin, Binance, Huobi and many others.

They don’t care which Crypto exchange you chose to buy your coins from. All they care about is you buying EOS coin using USDT.

They’be also included a profit calculator that displays what you could earn for a specific amount of EOS investment.

The site also warns that before traders can start, they should ensure that they either have their currencies in USDT or EOS.

The act of buying EOS will mean that traders are paying USDT. Now, the catch is this; you have to sell your EOS for USDT to earn profits.

The alleged return is 3.78% according to the time this Exarbitrage review was published.

Once you earn additional USDT from your arbitrage trading, Exarbitrage claims that you can withdraw to your KuCoin account.

Now, there’s an exchange in the middle called No matter what you do, you will need to send your money or have it go through the hands of

The scam is the in collaboration with Exarbitrage. They are just waiting for the transaction to happen so the shady exchange can keep your funds and leave you waiting forever.

But since many would be victims don’t know this, they imagine that they can wash, rinse and repeat to become rich overnight.

We would like to emphasize on the fact that arbitrage trading is not practically possible unless you use a trading software that buys and sells at a fraction of a second. Humans simply don’t have the efficiency to buy and sell quickly.

Another thing you should note is that every type of trading has some risks and some trades will definitely lose.

Exarbitrage does not mention any losses. Instead, they make arbitrage trading look as if it’s always profitable.

You have to realize that this is a characteristic of scam web operations.

No terms and conditions

The website does not provide a terms and conditions page. There’s no disclosure of fees or privacy policy.

It appears that whoever put this website together did so hastily. They just wanted to make money.

Exarbitrage claims that they don’t produce signals or engage in pumping and dumping of coins.

They only claim to provide arbitrage trading opportunities yet they fail to provide or mention any trading software.

We don’t know about you but we believe a website that operates in this manner is definitely a scam.


Exarbitrage is not a legit Crypto trading operation. It falls in the categories of other shady Cryptocurrency websites like Cryptonxt, AI Day Trading Crypto Fund and many more.

Since arbitrage trading is not done without a trading software, we can safely assume that this website is run by thieves who prey on the financially ignorant.

Thanks for reading our Exarbitrage review. If you’re looking for real arbitrage trading, read this review and sign up to start making money.

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