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Welcome to our review. is a London-based broker with an unknown history.

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This means we cannot independently verify Exante’s numerous awards which date back to the year 2014.

With these red flags, here and there, we recommend trading with these highly professional brokers instead.

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On this broker’s website, they claim to be the next generation investment company, and are inviting traders to trade 10,000 bonds spanning from the cooperate, to the and government sectors.

Other bonds that can be traded on the website include OTC and exchange-traded or exclusive private placements
in addition to exotics (if you request).

This makes the list of tradeable assets very big.

In fact, on their website we can see that they’re offering tradeable assets from across the globe, covering markets such as the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and so on.

With regards to the financial markets that investors can trade, declares that they give access to 300,000 products covering currencies, metals, Stock and ETFs, Options, Futures and Funds.

All of these can be traded from a single account.

They also claim to have offices in Europe and Asia with over 400 employees. was allegedly created by professional traders for professional traders.

With this kind of presentation, it’s easy to fall for this broker’s product offering.

That is why we would like to guide you in the right direction and the only way is to present you with a truthful, well-researched review. review

The broker’s company is called EXT LTD which is allegedly based in Cyprus and licensed by the CySEC.

A license number has been provided.

However, this broker is quite anonymous in the way they present their service.

The most worrisome thing they intend to safeguard is their online history and as you can see, their domain details can’t be found on and also on the WayBackMachine platform.

You cannot trace them to know where they started, how their website looked back then and so on.

This is a trick that was employed by the infamous World Markets scam in order to conceal the fact that the company was new and wanted to create an impression of having served customers for decades.

So they simply pay for services that will enable them hide the history of the domain so we will never know anything about their existence.

No MT4 Trading platform

Some brokers don’t provide the popular MT4 trading platform for some reasons. is one of those brokers that has shun this platform despite knowing very well that it is the most preferred and popular trading platform of all.

Instead, they offer an in-house trading platform called Exante trading platform.

This platform must be downloaded on the user’s device in order to use the services of this broker.

Liquidity, Spreads, Leverage and fees

The broker does not provide information pertaining to the aforementioned features.

We would like to know their liquidity providers just to ensure that they’re not market makers.

Spreads and fees are important because they help us know in advance the cost of trading with a broker.

This information has never been disclosed by

How do we determine whether or not they are affordable? And how do we even consider using their service if they cannot tell us what leverage we will get from their platform. customer reviews

Many customers have reported fraud on this broker’s website.

Accounts have been frozen with thousands of dollars and financial managers have also brought up many excuses to convince victims why they can’t get their money out of this platform.

In short, the feedback is extremely negative and the broker does not seem to care about their reputation.


It would be difficult to believe that this broker is even regulated.

In as much as they claim to be a CYSEC broker, the fact remains that this broker is shady and a truly licensed broker can’t stand negative reviews if they are serious about their business.

We begin to doubt their licensing as well. Their website is also quite anonymous, and this creates a negative perception of the business.

We wouldn’t advice traders to use them at all.

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  1. I chose a broker with a license and settled on Exante. They have licenses from Great Britain, Hong Kong, Malta and Cyprus. They have been working for more than 10 years. According to reviews on the website “Revieweek”, the company has good support, tight spreads, but there are small slippages, not critical.

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