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Evolution Markets Ltd Review: Beware of (

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Evolution Markets Ltd is a broker with an odd-sounding domain name which does not reflect their brand.

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We don’t even know whether to call them Evolution Markets or Therefore, in this review, we will use the two names interchangeably.

Also, since we don’t trust them, traders can instead opt to sign up with brokers that we have verified as regulated, professional and extremely efficient.

Like every other broker on the internet right now, is also offering a wide range of financial instruments which include Forex, Stocks, Bonds, Crypto and ETFs.

It appears there’s no shortage of financial instruments to offer clients.

As always, the minimum deposit is $100 and the company is providing leverage of up to 1:500.

The company behind this broker’s name is Evolution Markets Ltd.

It is in charge of running these two domains:

And we can’t take this broker’s word for it because of the following:

Why Evolution Markets Ltd is a scam was exposed by the Italian financial regulator, CONSOB.

Due to the bad reputation of unregulated brokers, we’ve developed a cold feet towards them, and would never recommend them even if they were offering the most attractive features.

Secondly, this broker is providing a UK contact number but is not exposing their regulatory status with regards to the FCA.

Their contact email is also quite different from that of their domain as they are providing

This creates total confusion and if we were to deal with, we would occasionally forget and use something like

When we went through their Terms and Conditions, we also discovered that Evolution Markets Ltd is purporting to be abiding by the laws of Cyprus.

Either these guys are copying their terms and conditions from another broker’s website or are not willing to provide us with their exact physical address.

Either way, is an unreliable broker that will cause more problems to the customer that offering them a solution.

Now that they don’t abide by the laws and regulations that govern Forex brokers across the world, we can assume that our money won’t be safe as it will not be put in a segregated account.

This presents all kinds of danger.

Furthermore, if one of the regulator is warning against using this broker, we should better take this notice serious because they’ve observed that is a high-risk financial service.

Does Evolution Markets Ltd offer the popular MT4?

Yes they do but you will not make money as the broker has clearly made his intentions known.

Whereas MT4 is the most widely used trading platform, a good broker should get the basics right before they can even think of offering their trading using this software.

If they’ve failed to setup their business legally, nothing can convince us that we will enjoy this software under their brand.


The broker may try to lure unsuspecting victims using an attractive theme in addition to promises like no commission for deposits, swaps or slippage.

The broker may also call victims if they sign up and fail to place a deposit.

They have employed experienced boiler room salesmen who will stop at nothing until they can get money from a naive client.

In the end, people lose money with brokers like

My advice is that you should avoid these brokers as much as possible.

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