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Having been registered in January 2021, exalts itself as a fast execution Forex broker that offers exclusive trading terms.

Euroxn is a new broker, and for that reason, you’re not bound to find any meaningful reviews of their brand on the internet.

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Euroxn still believes they can conquer the Forex brokerage market with their 1:400 leverage, 0.1 spread and multilingual support.

In their about us page, the company claims that they want to “help us” achieve financial freedom and also to accelerate the adoption of Cryptocurrency.

They believe that the company offers the best liquidity and favorable pricing.

However, with their unregulated status, it can be difficult to believe that Euroxn actually means what they are saying.

Just like MICFX, Saracen Markets and several others, this broker will cheat you because they are not accountable to anyone.

For that reason, you should make up your mind after finding out why we won’t recommend this broker.

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Background info of Euroxn

The broker’s name suggests that they operate out of the Euro zone. However, they also claim to have employees globally.

In order to run a Forex brokerage in this region, one needs to be licensed by the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

There is no reference to their licensing status, meaning that this broker is an illegal website trying to hustle investors of their money.

Also, Euroxn has failed to introduce the owners of the company. Traders and investors are presented with a website that has faceless people running it.

The shameful thing is that these faceless people want you to trust them with your money because they believe you are naive.

What we don’t like about Euroxn

Despite offering 250+ financial instruments for trading, I didn’t see evidence of our beloved MetaTrader platform.

The company has instead chosen a custom software and presented it as their own trading platform.

Their minimum deposit is $200. This is a very high amount of deposit for a new broker like Euroxn. They have not build trust and confidence among traders yet they set the bar so high.

It is better to invest this money with reliable Forex brokers who have been in this business long enough.

The company’s website is also looking like that of a HYIP investment platform. This is not the kind of look that we can expect from a Forex broker that claims to be a revolutionary company.

Finally, the company claims that they provide an education system and tools that allow newbies to make money.

I’ve looked at the material and found that it is very basic and generic in nature. It offers zero value to someone who is seriously thinking about investing.

Last but not least, they have multiple account types and the saddest thing is that despite giving them your $200, this broker will restrict features like automated trading, Islamic account compatibility, automated trading among others.

To get special treatment, Euroxn thinks they deserve to be paid $250,000 in trading money.

I do not believe that a serious investor with this capital can open an account with a shady Forex broker such as Euroxn.

The Conclusion

It will be a disastrous thing to sign up with the intention of placing a deposit for trading with this company.

Furthermore, the broker does not appear to have a demo account in place. We need a demo account for purposes of practice.

Also, they are not licensed by any financial organization. This means that your funds will be at risk in case the company goes under.

In addition to this, a financial organization is in charge of overseeing the company’s activities. If fraud is suspected, customers can find solace in the fact that they can report to the financial regulator in charge.

At the moment, we don’t recommend Euroxn.

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