Epic Forex Trade Review: an Investment Scam!

Epic Forex Trade is purporting to be a professional trading and portfolio management service capable of offering 18% weekly ROI.

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Epic Forex Trade is operating from the domain epicforextrade.com which was anonymously registered in April 2019.

The website’s promotion materials claim that their company is based in New York and are regulated by the SEC.

This is not true because according to the requirements of SEC, a company or website like epicforextrade.com is far away from meeting standards.

Since they are promising high and unreasonable returns, we can comfortably classify this service as a High Yield Investment Program which technically means a ponzi scheme.

Furthermore, if they were registered with the SEC, we would have found evidence of their company fillings by searching directly from this page.

You can perform that search on your own to confirm that idneed Epic Forex Trade is not a SEC registered entity and if indeed they operate from America, then all those “investors” who put their money here are committing a felony in addition to being guaranteed that they’ll lose their money.

Epic Forex Trade

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Is Epic Forex Trade legit?

Definitely this website is not a legit investment platform.

They are currently looking to scam investors of at least $300 in minimum deposit.

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The owners of this website are even anonymous. They are only introduced as “traders, brokers, analysts and investors”.

This is so vague and we can’t even believe that some people will trust the website when it is clearly a risky endeavor.

Apart from lying that they are SEC-registered, Epic Forex Trade does not have proof of their 18% weekly returns.

This is so unfortunate. They advertise super high returns but cannot prove that their trading is indeed yielding such high returns.

In short, this is a scam and not a genuine investment platform.


Just ignore these charlatans. There are many red flags across this website which makes it unsafe for investing in.

Their aim is to find victims by announcing a fake wealth management opportunity.

Once they accept your money in Bitcoin, that’s it. You will never see your money again.

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