Envestio.com Review: An Obvious Investment Scam

Envestio.com is a scam that is not licensed to offer any financial services, yet they peddle investing in Cryptocurrency mining, real estate and energy. If you want to legitimately invest in these areas, we urge you to look into this page.

Envestio promises 30% returns in Crypto mining, 18% returns from modern living space (real estate) and 20% in energies.

In addition to this, the scam is playing tricks with people wanting to venture into new business by pretending to fund them.

In addition to this, Envestio is good at convincing the unsophisticated investor why they need to invest with the platform, and the reasons they give are indeed genuine but not how people should ideally approach investing.

In this review, we will tell you many more reasons why this is a scam and also give you instructions on what to do if you have already been scammed by such projects.

Who is Envestio?

It’s a site that is run by a group of anonymous people who claim to be from Estonia. The site has a very simple but smart design. However, the problem is that the faceless people behind it cannot be trusted.

We’ve also seen that Envestio.com is just a simple website with no coporate entity tied to it. This could also mean that the site is basically run by an individual as opposed to a company.

This further raises the risk of getting scammed because we do not know the actual address of these people. Even if you were to serve the a lawsuite, you would face a major impediment which involves locating their real address.

Why Envestio will not keep your money safe

It’s quite obvious that the site is not producing any evidence of their investment activities.

If they say that Crypto mining is where they generate 30% ROI for their investors, we expect them to show us pictures and videos of their mining activities.

We also expect them to show us faces of their team members. Unfortunately the site owner does not want anything to do with transparency.

This is why they tell you how they are investing but not getting into proof of their investment activities. Avoid such a scam.

Envestio does not have a financial services license

The site is basically soliciting investors to deposit money into their so-called investment projects. This is like Blockchaintradein scam which is also asking investors to make deposits into their platform while they don’t have a license for that.

An unregulated ‘asset manager’ is the most dangerous and risky person or entity to trust with your money.

These people run sophisticated boiler room scams which can convince even the most intelligent people on the planet.

So do not take any chances with these guys. If they are not licensed, they are a scam. It’s that simple.

The Conclusion

We encourage you to avoid Envestio and similar sites because they are detrimental to your financial wellbeing. Instead of investing, you will realize that you have been scammed.

We want you to be in a good state financially and avoiding scams is a critical step to building wealth nevertheless.

You could also look into these legit trading and investing oppportunities instead of relying on scams like Envestio.