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EntryZone Crypto Asset Management Group Review

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EntryZone Crypto Asset Management Group aka EZCAMG is a Crypto asset manager providing up to 3 investment strategies.

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With the 3 investment strategies (Gold, Silver and Platinum), they believe that the firm can maximize returns, mitigate risk and reduce volatility.

Minimum investment is $1000 or its Euro equivalent. The official website, which is found at, has been around since May 2018.

The CEO of the firm is called DAN DA ROSA who is from the United Kingdom, although his investment experience in the blockchain space is not clear.

Under the Silver fund is an investment strategy called SmartCrypto 25™ Index Fund.

This one focuses on the top 25 Cryptocurrencies projects by market cap.

Rebalancing is done twice a month, and the firm’s projection is that investors will earn 400% out of a $10,000 investment (if price is estimated at $49,554.56).

Under gold fund, they have MarketMaker™ Trading Fund which focuses on high volume Cryptocurrencies with short, to medium and long term returns.

Expected annual ROI for this fund is 27.6% out of an investment of $10,000.

EntryZone Crypto Asset Management Group review

This same strategy applies to the Platinum fund but returns for this strategy are estimated at 48% annually.

The reason why ROI is a bit high is because Platinum Fund is a high risk strategy compared to the other two.

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Is EntryZone Crypto Asset Management Group legit?

To answer this question, I look at trading performance which is directly related to the strategies they provide.

Trading performance for Gold and Silver are available only for the year 2020.

All tracking of results started in March 2020.

This makes it very difficult to gauge the potential performance of this fund in the future since this is a very small data sample.

While EZCAMG could be legit, their trading performance is not third-party audited and it’s hard to trust the data as is.

Should you invest with

EntryZone Crypto Asset Management Group is a relatively new digital asset manager with limited track record to base our verdict on.

For that reason, I would be a little bit hesitant to put money here.


They need to work on their trading results by involving a third party auditing firm.

The CEO’s blockchain experience is also not clear which makes us wonder whether he is qualified to run a successful fund in the long run.

There are also no reviews of EZ Crypto Funds anywhere on the internet.

Perhaps investor feedback would have helped us gain more insights into their trading performance.

Thanks for reading our EZ Crypto Funds review.

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