Empirex Capital Review: Scam Crypto Wealth Management?

Empirex Capital Review


Empirex Capital review: An asset manager trading Crypto and running a big hedge fund like Empirex Capital should not sound suspicious. Furthermore, if they claim to be operating from the US, specifically New York, they should have a proper license. Read this review to find out why this hedge fund is suspicious.

Welcome to the Empirex Capital review.

We’re reviewing Empirex Capital because they claim to be the best investment managers running a successful Crypto hedge fund.

Their offices are supposedly based in New York, Miami, Hong Kong and Medellin.

We’ve actually discovered that this website is owned and operated by Empirex Capital LLC, a corporation whose physical address is listed as 255 SW 11TH STREET, MIAMI, FL 33130.

The company was incorporated in July 2018 and is associated with persons called MARTHA GONZALEZ and RAFAEL VARGAS.

For an investment advisory service to operate in the US, the owners must be registered Commodity Trading Advisors.

Once they’re registered, that means their names must appear in the SEC advisor search portal for verification.

So far, this search has not yielded any fruit because the two are not registered and cannot continue providing their financial advisory services in the US.

In fact, this is a similar case to that of Dyno Tarding scam. Our review indicates that a guy called “Mark Wentz” is defrauding investors by selling false magic trading software.

If you don’t want to be defrauded, purchase a license for as little as $200 and get a proper trading software. 

Empirex Capital is still suggesting that they’re offering individuals an opportunity to attain their financial goals through diversified investment portfolio.

Empirex Capital review Crypto and Traditional Investments Management

They claim to invest in Cryptocurrencies, siting reasons to do with the asset’s low correlation to traditional ones which ensures real diversification for their investors.

Their website also suggests that with only $10,000, investors can generate up to 35% returns in just 90 days. Empirex Capital even claims that their team of experts are studying the Crypto markets and trends to give investment advice that suits every individual’s financial goal.

Before you take your money to Empirex Capital, you need to read this review.

Empirex Capital review

This website is advertising high returns and claiming that they’re using both short and long term strategies for their investments.

They’re also suggesting that their company is catering for both institutional and individual investors alike. However, their 3 investment plans don’t provide details with regards to institutional clients.

Their Terms and Conditions page is also providing very basic information about the service.

There are no disclaimers or anything that one would expect from a professionally-done terms and conditions page.

This is the same case with their FAQ page. This page looks incomplete as no questions or answers were provided with regards to the type of financial service they provide.

It contains some random website code and a picture illustration of how the blockchain works.This looks unprofessional and does not inspire any trust.

All in all, Empirex Capital’s hedge fund service does not look very convincing. Even their website is not at par with some of their competitor’s websites.

One would have a difficult time believing that Empirex Capital is an authentic Crypto hedge fund offering real investment solutions to clients.

The website does not even talk about their trading strategies other than telling their audience that they use short and long term strategies.

They also claim to charge both management and performance fees in their investment plans.

However, when we look at these plans, they resemble those of a typical ponzi scheme, plus no performance fees were mentioned, just management fees.

It almost looks like whoever put together this website did it in such a hurry. The advertising is equally not convincing because we expect this material to answer our questions upfront.

We’re also surprised that Empirex Capital does not even have a chat feature on their website. It appears that all support is provided through email and phone.

Investment plans

Empirex Capital is providing 3 investment plans and as we’ve already said, they resemble those of a ponzi scheme.

Minimum Investment: $10,000
Agreement Timeframe: 90 Days
Management Fee: 35%
Minimum Investment: $10,000
Agreement Timeframe: 180 Days
Management Fee: 30%
Minimum Investment: $10,000
Agreement Timeframe: 1 Year
Management Fee: 25%

The supposed Crypto hedge fund does not even show us any performance record.

They only proclaim results after the stated trading period but no verified trading results showing their performance in the last couple of months.

A legit hedge fund must provide these details to investors in advance. We’re disappointed because this is not the case.

We definitely don’t want any investor to throw their $10,000 down the drain by trusting these guys.

Empirex Capital’s CEO and background

A guy named RAFAEL VARGAS is introduced as the CEO of this company.

Rafael of Empirex Capital does not have any profile. His photo appears to have been sourced from a stock photo library.

A hedge fund that does not want to disclose any background information of their CEO is definitely a suspicious investment operation.

Marketing materials on the website claims that Rafael has been involved in the financial environment for the last 10 years.

This is quite a vague statement because we don’t know what capacity under which they’ve been working in the financial industry.

Furthermore, this guy does not appear to have worked anywhere. His professional background does note exist at all.

His other partner, MARTHA GONZALEZ, is completely anonymous.

Empirex Capital website does not talk about this character at all.

We don’t believe that any sane investor can trust this website in any way.


It is just a matter of time before an unregistered corporation like Empirex Capital disappears with their clients funds.

They are illegally operating in the US and in the countries where they claim to have representatives in. The company has not provided their trading results and yet they proclaim attractive trading results.

They’ve not disclosed how investment operation in Crypto currencies is done and yet they expect investors to trust them.

There is a great cloud of mystery surrounding this service and we don’t think it can be recommended to anyone.

Thanks for reading the Empirex Capital review. We would like to listen to your opinion in the comment section.

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