Empirex Capital Review: Scam Crypto Wealth Management?

Welcome to the Empirex Capital review. We’re reviewing Empirex Capital because the firm intends to help you grow your portfolio for just $3,000 minimum deposit. This asset management firm believes they can help create a portfolio that’s easy to understand, operate and is transparent and liquid.

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They feel they can generate returns regardless of the direction the market takes.

Empirex Capital is basically a Crypto hedge fund operating in New York, Miami, Hong Kong and Medellin.

The website is owned and operated by Empirex Capital LLC, a corporation whose physical address is listed as 255 SW 11TH STREET, MIAMI, FL 33130.

The company was incorporated in July 2018 and is associated with persons called MARTHA GONZALEZ and RAFAEL VARGAS respectively.

This is a good thing because unlike many websites claiming to invest in Crypto, Empirex Capital does not operate anonymously.

Even the community feels comfortable moving forward with their service at this point. Since this Crypto investment opportunity sounds promising and there are all kinds of people in the world with different financial needs, we’ll go through their service in details to let you know whether it’s viable or not.

Empirex Capital Review

The firm wants investors to know that their focus is on digital assets and their traders use a variety of strategies to diversify portfolio.

Empirex Capital review Crypto and Traditional Investments Management

They feel that Cryptocurrency assets have a low correlation compared to traditional once hence real diversification of portfolio can be achieved.

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Their website also suggests that with only $3,000, investors can generate returns in a 3 month investment duration. Empirex Capital tells us that they’re working with a team of experts who study the Crypto markets and trends to give investment advice that suits every individual’s financial goal.

All in all, Empirex Capital’s hedge fund service is very professional and straight forward. They’ve provided an overview of their service on their site so investors can learn as much as they want.

Empirex Capital review: Investment plans

Empirex Capital is providing 3 investment plans. No returns have been promised at this time yet but it’s important to note that the firm charges management fees which will be deducted from your gains.

[tabs][tab title=”Shot Term”]Minimum Investment: $3,000
Agreement Timeframe: 90 Days
Management Fee: 35%[/tab] [tab title=”Mid Term”]Minimum Investment: $3,000
Agreement Timeframe: 180 Days
Management Fee: 30%[/tab] [tab title=”Long Term”]Minimum Investment: $3,000
Agreement Timeframe: 1 Year
Management Fee: 25%[/tab][/tabs]

Besides managing Crypto portfolio for their clients, this firm also fulfills the needs of conservative investors by trading stocks, Bonds, Futures and Options.

Minimum investment required for this conservative portfolio is $3,000. Investment period is 90 days and the company charges a management fee of 45%.

Those who would like to invest with this firm but are not into Crypto can contact them through info@empirexcapital.com.

Empirex Capital’s CEO and background

As we have said it before, this Crypto hedge fund is not run by some anonymous guy hiding behind a computer in an offshore location. The owner of the company is actually called RAFAEL VARGAS who is also the Founder of this company.

We’ve engaged him on the telephone several times, asking the usual hard questions that most websites purporting to operate like legit Crypto hedge funds can’t answer.

A hedge fund that does not fear to introduce the team behind their website is actually a legit investment operation.

Marketing materials on the website actually disclose that Rafael has been involved in the financial environment for the last 10 years.

Not so much is known about MARTHA GONZALEZ. However, we do believe that if Rafael was able to come up with a successful hedge fund, there’s no way he could have teamed up with someone they don’t share the same interest with. We’ll probably have a conversation about the other partner next time we hold a conversation with him.


If asked whether Empirex Capital is a good Crypto fund, we’d say yes it is indeed a good Crypto hedge fund.

They are legally operating in the US and in the countries where they have representatives in.

Though they’ve not disclosed how investment operations in Crypto currencies are done in the background, we believe that their strategies are a complex blend of trading methodologies that ultimately contribute to the desired results. Unless you’re an insider, it can be hard to answer this question.

Thanks for reading the Empirex Capital review. We would like to listen to your opinion in the comment section.

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3 Responses to “Empirex Capital Review: Scam Crypto Wealth Management?”

  1. Rafik boughadou says:

    Empirex is a Ponzi scheme, it has been a year and I am begging for my money

    1. TheAdmin says:

      You can’t beg a thief for your money. He squandered it with the club girls

  2. Baryamujura Christopher says:

    For me I came across some guys who introduced me this venture EMPIREX that they can sell me trading Robots which shall be able to earn 1%of my Investment on daily basis.
    I started researching about this company to know it’s legidity or scammy it can be.
    Still in search.

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