Elite Global Investment Platform Review: A Bitcoin Scam!

Elite Global Investment Platform is purporting to be a Bitcoin mining and accrual service where $300 deposit will buy 1000 GH/s and $2,300 will get 5000 GH/s of hashpower.

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The people who are running Elite Global Investment Platform are claiming to have a large network of ASIC miners which can generate Bitcoin profitably for their investors.

They are actually peddling “investment plans” with the ability to accrue profits every hour.

Elite Global Investment Platform Review

Deposits are allegedly going to be returned any hour after sending it to the anonymous group of people who run this website.

Obviously the domain where they operate from (eliteglobalinvestmentplatform.com) is very new as it was registered in March 2020.

These guys can’t convince us that they have invested in Bitcoin mining resources since they just came on the internet the other day.

Is Elite Global Investment Platform legit?

No, they are not legitimate and their investment plans don’t make sense.

Why would you pay $2,300 to get 5000GH/s of hashpower when they have another plan that gives miners 5000GH/s of hashpower for $1500?

Furthermore, our investigations show that this platform actually does not have any mining rigs.

The money which they want you to send won’t be invested in Bitcoin mining activities but will be pocketed by the scammers.

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This is a classic example of a HYIP that uses the Bitcoin frenzy to defraud victims online.


Elite Global Investment Platform is basically a scam. Their website fails to convince us.

In addition to this, their ‘investment plans” are not making any sense.

There’s nothing like accruals after every one hour. It is a lie. So do not send them any Bitcoins.

If you want to invest in BTC, trade them. There are services that can help you trade Bitcoin for profits. Use them.

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