Elite FX Signals Review: Scam Robot Trader and Academy?

Elite FX Signals is a vendor of Forex signal services, a trading academy and a copy-trading system.

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Elite FX Signals is currently providing its services through the domain elitefxsignals.nl and claiming to be operating from the Netherlands.

The cost of their EA trader is €249 while copy trading goes for $999 (one-time setup fee).

The Founder of Elite FX brand is promising to provide their clients with “Personalized Solutions” so that they can become “successful and financially independent retail traders”.

In addition to this, they are also promising us that we will have more control of our charts and generally live a life of financial freedom.

Marketing materials on this website suggests that the company behind Elite FX Signals NL is known as Elite FX Group.

The founder is anonymous and the only thing we have on the about us page is a stock photo of someone who took a picture with a Lamborghini in the background.

Elite FX Signals review

This kind of marketing gimmick is associated with scammers in the Forex marketplace.

So we don’t know how Elite FX Signals NL is intending to separate themselves from the competition.

Moreover, our initial research discovered that Ricky Andrade of On Point FX signals and Market Masters Academy is using same website design as Elite FX brand.

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I can’t connect the dots yet, so I can’t tell you for sure whether this guy is also the owner of Elite FX brand.

All in all, I will provide a review of this vendor, letting you know whether the “investment packages” offered by this website are profitable.

Elite FX Signals NL Review

Under the hood is an “exclusive training course” consisting of theory and practical lessons, a trading software, a Telegram channel and a copy trading service.

What you get with your purchase of this trading software include the following list of items:

  • License for both demo and live account
  • Installation videos
  • Daily signals
  • Software updates
  • VPS information
  • Features include trailing stop, trade management and algorithm specialized in trading EURUSD only

There is no explanation as to what trading strategy this software uses.

Instead, the vendor uses promotional statements like “highly accurate trading results”, manual changeable lot size and complete automated trading solution.

The cost of this software is definitely unreasonable and cannot complete with some of the best trading systems we recommend here.

EFXCopyTrade ($999 for setup fee)

EFXCopyTrade is a copy trading service by Elite FX Signals NL.

Traders who provide their strategies here allegedly have 25+ years of expeirence.

Clients who join this copy trading are promised ultra low drawdown and can automate up to 26 currency pairs.

EFXCopyTrade claims to generate a monthly ROI of between 4%-40%.

No minimum balance requirement, just a crazy one-time setup fee.

No disclosure of whether profit splits will apply in the event that profits are consistently generated in a given month.

This model is quite unrealistic because we generally can’t expect a consistently profitable trader to take a one-time fee and continue making profits for us.

Furthermore, Elite FX Signals NL does not provide insights into what kind of strategies they use to arrive at these results.

We therefore feel that this copy trading system is somehow risky to join.

Elite FX Signals NL trading performance

This service is lacking in terms of transparency.

Instead of utilizing a statement sharing service like myfxbook to showcase their track record, they are using a widget to display unverifiable results.

It is quite possible that this vendor manipulated their trading results and the aim is to show us what we want to see and not the truth regarding their trading.


While the design of this website may come across as professional, we’ve already ruled out the possibly of recommending their EA trader, copy trading and signals altogether.

We want to see real trading results and customer feedback that matches the statistics.

Also, this service is heavily relying on promises of helping us attain financial freedom but we actually see that they are unable to prove the effectiveness of their trading.

Thanks for reading. We look forward to your feedback regarding this service.

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