Elite Forex Scalper Review (Automated Trading System)

Today’s review is about Elite Forex Scalper, which is a new expert advisor designed to help us trade Forex beyond limits.

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The developer feels that Elite Forex Scalper EA is a chance to modernize trading and maximize returns.

With 6 years of experience in the industry, they believe this expert advisor is the best expression of what they’ve learned.

The Elite Forex Scalper comes with various risk settings ranging from low, medium to high.

The team behind this Forex robot is unknown since they do not have a proper about us page.

Yet they claim that with their knowledge, they can help struggling traders and even manage funds on their behalf.

Also, we do not know where they’re headquartered from.

With lack of information to verify their identity, it becomes a daunting task running my usual background checks.

So I will instead recommend the usual trading systems and investing services considering that this vendor has chosen to go down the dreaded path of GoldenFisher Bot and the likes.

Elite Forex Scalper Review

Despite not introducing themselves to the community, this team is claiming to provide the following:

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  • Daily profit and passive income
  • Hands-free trading
  • Easy setup and beginner-friendly Forex robot
  • Lifetime access with updates
  • Proper risk management
  • Compatibility with most brokers
  • Economic news release proof
Elite Forex Scalper Robot

In addition to this, the vendor has a free Telegram channel for Forex education and tips and also where they post trading reports and testimonials.

Breakdown of Elite Forex Scalper EA details

The following table will provide a quick snapshot of what it’s like to use the services of this developer.

Elite Forex Scalper EAScalping, hedging, grid and Martingale1:500$300-$3000$249.99 or free if you join their brokerRequired
Elite Forex Scalper product summary

From what we can see, this vendor is using highly risky trading strategies.

Also, there is no explanation pertaining to how the robot approaches entries, exits and trade management during scalping.

We expect the developer to be fully transparent since this Forex robot is among the most expensive to buy.

In addition to this, a free license is available but it is quite restrictive as users have to deposit a minimum of $3,000 with the vendor’s recommended broker.

There are lots of other restrictions that come with using the free license.

Trading performance

The sales page has provided links to multiple myfxbook accounts for our viewing pleasure.

The aim is to show us trading with Elite Forex Scalper EA under various risk settings.

The first thing I noticed is that some of the trading accounts are no longer active and track record isn’t verified.

elite forex scalper ea myfxbook

Only vendors who lack transparency will do these kind of things.

Also, in some of their myfxbook accounts, gains are different from absolute gains which suggest that the vendor is depositing money into these accounts multiple times.

All of these tricks can be used to manipulate myfxbook results.

Is Elite Forex Scalper EA legit or Scam?

The truth is that this Forex robot’s cost is exaggerated.

They do not have a sound and sustainable trading strategy to warrant the price of $249.99.

It does not sound like a good investment based on my analysis.


I wouldn’t recommend the Elite Forex Scalper EA.

Also, the developer has not provided satisfactory trading performance to even let them manage our accounts if we deposit $3000.

The community does not trust “video testimonials” on this site since these “testimonials” can be manufactured for just $10.

Of course we look forward to what the developer will say concerning our review.

But if you have an experience with this Forex EA, kindly contribute in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

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